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  1. christina
    Dec 23 - 1:07

    hey what does it mean when my cat nibbles on my clothes?

  2. christina peyret
    Dec 22 - 3:06

    hey I have a question. what does it mean when my cat nibbles or bites on my clothes? any one know what that means?

  3. Jake Conway
    Dec 13 - 7:44

    i cant get to slide 2….

  4. Rain
    Nov 18 - 6:40

    My cats eat grass. Why ?

  5. nie
    Aug 01 - 4:54

    mmm raw meat …..toxoplasma….. nhãm nhãm

  6. Ghengis Khan
    Jul 14 - 7:49

    My mom lived out in the country and was a bit of the crazy cat lady. Some lived indoors but most stayed outdoors. Coyotes started showing up and killing them so we brought all she and my brother who stayed with her could catch inside. There was one that was extremely wild but absolutely beautiful. He was black with brown tips so he wasn’t real shiny but it really softened his appearance. He always reminded me of chocolate fudge. He hated being inside and let us know it constantly. I’m not sure how he was captured or ever returned the couple of times he got out. He was such a baddazz that we named him Spike.
    He wouldn’t come near, never purred and although he calmed down a lot he was very distant for years. He might let you pet him but generally not. It wouldn’t last long in any event. My mom died two years ago. I was out at the house the first Christmas after she died. I was sitting on the couch and Spike jumped into my lap and started purring like crazy. He let me pet him and hold him and all the time he was purring. It was the best Christmas present I ever received.

  7. Rickie Arnold
    Apr 19 - 3:14

    Cats understand punishment exactly like small children do. I’ve had 6 cats all different breeds different genders and all different ages and trust me they understand punishment. My cats weren’t allowed in the windows for 6 months because my landlord didn’t allow pets (and I wasn’t about to give up my cat babies or be homeless). They would be hit lightly on the nose when they got up in the window and after about three transgressions they knew they were not allowed up there. However when I would come home after being out I would sometimes catch them in the window as I walked in. When they heard the door opening they would immediately jump out of the window and try to hide and if I caught them they would fold their ears back because they knew they were about to be in trouble. I would also catch them doing this as I went to sleep or woke up and who knows what they were doing in the middle of the night. They knew exactly what they weren’t allowed to do and exactly how to get away with it, just like a child.

    • Nostalgic_Chaos
      May 09 - 9:32


  8. Guy Male
    Apr 15 - 7:14

    Are they such thing as a indoor cat. i mean they kill birds so how can a cat like to be indoor 24/7.

    • Deborah Hale
      Apr 30 - 9:08

      Once upon a time I had an indoor/outdoor cat named Noisy. (He was very loving and affectionate and, yes, quite loud if ignored.) One morning I let him in after he’d been out all night and he went straight to a chair, crawled under it, and stayed there for two days. He wouldn’t eat or drink, no matter how much I tried to tempt him, and he started running a fever. I begged my husband to let me take him to the vet, he finally agreed. Turned out that my beloved Noisy had been shot by one of my neighbors. He had to have that leg amputated immediately because his wound had gotten infected. From then on I had to keep him inside as he was less able to defend himself and CERTAINLY couldn’t have defended himself against a bullet, anyway! I still lost him 5 years later because he had contracted FIV and his kidneys shut down. He would have lived MUCH longer had he been an indoor kitty from Day 1, but I didn’t know any better. From then on every cat I’ve ever owned has been STRICTLY an indoor cat, the two I have now don’t even try to go outside, they can see the birds through the windows but have never tried to get to them.

      It breaks my heart every time I see a cat dead by the side of the road, if they’d stayed indoors where they belonged their owners would still have them. I know this is long but this is a subject that is VERY important to me.

  9. Ryan Robert Valencia Ventolero
    Mar 27 - 6:26

    My cat sits on my lap and if she sits i will gonna touch her ears and she will gonna purr and felt asleep

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