13+ Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

Find out why your cat acts the way he does. And if your pooch is still a mystery to you, get the dog facts you didn't know.

Adapted from Essential Cat (Reader's Digest Association Books)
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    They can sense earthquakes!

    Well, possibly. The pads of a cat's feet are very sensitive, and some cats behave strangely just before an earthquake hits. Though it's not a proven theory, some believe cats can detect vibrations of the earth through their foot pads.

    They can swallow and digest their food without chewing it.

    That's good news for famed internet cat Lil Bub, who was born without teeth.

    They really are manipulative.

    Cats can adapt their vocalizations to control your behavior. If they want food, they can make their cries sound more urgent.

    They can dream!

    Cats prefer to nap, but if they're relaxed enough to enter a deeper sleep, they produce the same brain wave patterns that we do when we dream.

    They can't understand punishment as humans do.

    They must be praised and rewarded for desired behavior instead.

    We shake hands, they bump noses—sometimes.

    Nose-to-nose greetings between cats are unusual, as it puts both in a vulnerable position. However, cats who know each other well feel safe enough to do this. It helps them confirm visual recognition and gain information about how the other cat is.

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    Scientists still don't know exactly where purring comes from.

    Some believe that it originates in the cardiovascular system rather than the throat.

    When they purr, they're content—usually.

    However, a deep purr can also indicate pain. If you know your cat well you will be able to tell the difference in his demeanor.

    They can purr continually as they inhale and exhale.

    They start doing so at one-week old.

    Young cats purr in a monotone.

    Older ones do so in two to three resonant notes.

    They appear to retain their kitten vocal signals to communicate with their owners.

    But they use a different repertoire of sounds with other cats.

    Like dogs, they can also get sick or die from eating chocolate.

    Check with your vet if you have any questions about what your cat should be eating.

    Plus, more hidden dangers for pets at home »

    They blink and narrow their eyes when they accidentally make eye contact.

    To make friends with an unfamiliar cat, blink and look away when you catch his eyes.

    Giving them a strip of raw meat everyday to chew on will keep their gums and teeth in good condition.

    Suitable meats include poultry, rabbit, or beef that has been deboned.

    They tolerate heat very well.

    This is because the ancestors of cats were originally desert-living animals.

    Their pulse is between 160-240 beats per minute, depending on their age.

    The younger he is, the faster the heartbeat.

    Photo by mtrichardson via Flickr

    Cats sweat!

    But they do so through their paws. If you see wet little footprints in the summer months, make sure to put out some fresh water.


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    • Big mike

      My cat needs to be pet all the time what does that mean

      • Deborah Hale

        It means that your cat craves attention. My Noisy was BORN needing extra attention, he kept his littermates awake all night long after he was born and his mama ended up dumping him in my lap the next morning and going back to the box to sleep with the other kittens. He was screaming his head off and I just rubbed his head and said, “Well, you’re a noisy little thing, aren’t you?” and he just curled up in my palm and went to sleep after that. That’s how he got his name, and he needed to be always in someone’s lap being petted. He would even trick visitors that HATED cats into petting him – very sneaky, he was, but very lovable!

    • i <3 kittys

      so cute!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Julia

      I have 2 cats in my house and they do not be good at my house but I love my cats

    • Trina

      WHY in GOD’S NAME does the pic number 12 ACTUALLY SHOW someone feeding a cat CHOCOLATE, if it can (and it does) KILL THEM???? I am disappointed in whomever created this ‘info reel’…smh…

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      My cat she hates everyone who gets her she didn’t like her mom cat or brother cat she hates every one

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      Where is the goofy looking cat? I wanna rob it and bring it home! LoL so cute!

    • pinkbarbieexo

      when i lay next to my kitten he puts his paws on my face not to push me away tho does anyone know why ?

      • Deborah Hale

        He loves you and wants to touch you, and he probably wants you to pet him.