13+ Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You

Hairstylists share their tips for understanding their jobs and how to get the most out of your time in the swivel chair.

Interviews by Maureen Mackey
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    1. I’m a beautician, not a magician.

    I can give you Gisele Bündchen’s haircut, but I can’t give you her face.

    2. Come at least five minutes early.

    If you’re running late, please call ahead. Show me some basic respect. This is a business, not fun and games.

    3. Don’t ask me to squeeze you in.

    My work takes time. When a client says she's in a rush, I tell her she needs to schedule her time better. If I’m already booked, I’d be taking time and effort away from other clients. You wouldn’t like being treated that way.

    4. I’m not a psychologist.

    Hairdresser school does not teach about counter transference, projection, negative reinforcement, or personality disorders. If you’re looking for a therapist, all I have is a tail comb and an opinion.

    5. Layers are the magic remedy.

    Some women think that if they keep their hair all one length the way it was in high school, everyone will think they’re still in high school. Guess what? You’re not. As you get older, you need to soften the lines around your face.

    6. Bodies and hair change as hormones change.

    If your hair is dry, listless, or brittle, or if it’s not holding your color or style the way it used to, see a doctor. If your hair isn’t overprocessed, you could be pregnant (surprise!) or menopausal (yes, I can tell).

    7. A trim is not "just a trim"

    It requires my expertise, skill, knowledge, and time. Would you say to your dentist, “It’s just a tooth,” or to your doctor, "It’s just a leg"?

    8. A dollar bill doesn’t buy anything anymore.

    That single bill you stuff into the shampoo person’s hands isn’t doing her any favors. You should tip her at least $3 -- more if your hair is long.

    9. Let me do my job.

    If you want to buy a bottle of color and do your own hair to save a buck, you can live with the consequences.

    10. Take a picture.

    Some clients will say, "Cut my hair just like you did last time." That always baffles me. The average time between appointments is six to eight weeks. I have hundreds of clients. How am I supposed to remember exactly how I did your hair the last time? If you want a carbon copy of a cut and style you loved, take a picture and show me.

    11. Kids' haircuts aren't child's play.

    Why do you think a child’s haircut should cost less than yours? Kids don’t sit still. Kids kick. It’s an intense experience.

    12. Standing all day and using scissors and a blow-dryer takes its toll.

    I have arthritis in my fingers, calcium deposits in my wrist, and 10 percent less hearing than I used to. I am a physical wreck.

    13. We see women at their worst.

    Their hair is wet, they have foils on their hair, they have no makeup on. There’s nothing for them to hide behind. So they tell us everything. The truth is, I really don’t care about their personal lives. I’m only interested in their hair.

    14. I'll work hard to make you happy and I'll want you to like it.

    After you leave my salon, I'll worry about what you think. (I work on people, not on cars on an assembly line.) And if you feel like calling to tell me how happy you are with my work, you will make me smile.

    15. For stylists, tips should be 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of your bill.

    They are a significant portion of my pay. If you still me, I'll remember. And yes, salon owners who style hair do appreciate tips and want them.

    16. Sure, you can bring your child or your dog in,

    as long as you control them. One of my clients used to bring her Great Dane in to all her appointments. He would curl up in the corner and sleep the entire time, so I don't mind. But if your baby or your dog starts bothering me or the other people in the salon, I won't be so easygoing.

    17. I need to charge you for my time.

    No matter what you're having done. I am a trained professional.

    18. You represent me.

    So it's in my best interest for you to look good.

    19. I am not all things to all people.

    I don't have manicurists or masseuses in my salon because I'm a hairstylist.

    20. I'm not in this business to make hundreds

    of thousands of dollars. I just want to make a decent, comfortable living, and at the end of the day, go home.

    21. Men will tell you things they won't tell their wives.

    "My throat hurts." "My back aches." They want a little sympathy, which maybe they can't get at home because their wives have heard it all before, or they're not listening. So they tell us. It's the only place they can unload.

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    22. Spend a little money on the right products.

    Hot water removes color. The sun can dry your hair. So protect it as you would your skin. Cover it when you're outside in the sun. Wash and condition it properly.

    23. If you cancel at the very last minute,

    that's lost money to me. I can't fill that appointment with little or no notice.

    24. Putting too much junk in your hair

    will almost always kill a look. The market is saturated with every possible product to make thin hair thick, dull hair shiny, and curly hair straight. But more is not more. Your hair wants to be healthy. That doesn’t mean trying to totally recreate it every day. Just help it a little. Let it do its thing.

    25. Do not attempt hairstylist-speak.

    Do you really know what "thinning" or "graduation" mean? Leave the terminology to the professionals.

    26. Some people are just too large

    or their cheeks too round for the style they want. They should look at themselves in the mirror sometime.

    Your Comments

    • Aminarra

      Wow this report is full of snark. If a stylist actually did say any of these things, those scissors would be cutting something other than hair…

    • CaptainCastro

      Who the fú¢k wrote this §hítty article? Are they actually a hairdresser? Because if so, they need to swallow a hot curling iron and shut the fú¢k up.

    • SummersKelly

      Seriously? Who wrote this condescending, rude, holier than thou article? I am AMAZED at the tone!

      First of all, I was with my hairdresser for 22 years. We had an excellent relationship. He did awesome work, I did my part and booked my Appts in advance always showed up ON time and so did he! Unfortunately he retired.

      He gave me the formula and ummm yes perhaps I am just a “layman” aka the customer that pays you AND tips you WELL … But do not insult my intelligence and act as though we do not know the “terminology” actually… I am well AWARE of the terminology.

      My point is … Do not lump all of us in to the “bad customer” category. Actually I have YET to find someone that I am 100% happy with. Not necessarily because they cannot get my color right…albeit some of them could NOT even with formula In Hand… But because I have to listen THEIR boring stories about their lives or drama! Listen to the stylists bash one another and gossip behind each other’s backs, Or have to “help” them do THEIR job handing foils etc… Hello??? What exactly am I paying YOU for again??

      And while you are at it….I am a PROMPT customer. Yet, I have sat in the chair waiting for YOU for 20 minutes. OR received a phone call the night before my appt letting me know YOU have switched salons AGAIN for the 3rd time in a year!

      Point is perhaps there ARE some crazy customers. But guess what? There are some equally crazy “stylists” with lots of drama and terrible attitudes just like yours!

      And sad thing is WE are PAYING you to ridicule us! Wow.

    • SinfulDivinity

      A lot of these were just plain wrong! Especially #26!!!! “They should look at themselves in the mirror sometime.” It’s hard to believe that you can look YOURSELF in the mirror… I’m not large, but I know that people don’t deserve to be talked down to like that. There’s a pretty clear line when it comes to insults and constructive criticism and you clearly crossed it. Clearly, you are not a true stylist at heart.

    • Cristina

      Seriously? I don’t know if these are coming from one person or multiple, but they sound like they are lacking in the people skills department. If you don’t genuinely like people, which is a big part of being a hair stylist, why would you get into that industry? This was really off-putting.

      Edit: I want to clarify that my comment is in no way meant to be a comment to all hair stylists, just the ones supplying the rude comments in the article.

    • It’s me

      Kids cuts should be and ARE cheaper because they don’t require as much technical styling. Most boys get 2 on the sides and finger length on top and they are done in less than 10 minutes. Young girls all want long straight hair- some with bangs some without. Snip, snip, 15 minutes your done. Why should YOU think that is worth the same price as my asymmetrical bob?