24 Mexican Restaurant Words You Need to Know

These common Spanish words show up on most Mexican menus. Be prepared with this cheat sheet for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

By Meaghan Cameron from Reader's Digest
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    1. Molé (moh-ley ) A sauce. The traditional mole includes many different spices and chocolate

    Sources: Dictionary.com and spanishdict.com

    2. Guacamole

    5. Enchilada

    7. Ceviche

    8. Paella

    9. Chiles Rellenos

    10. Pollo

    13. Cerveza


    17. Helado frito

    18. Pepitas

    19. Queso fresco

    20. Chipotle

    21. Nopal

    22. Papas Fritas



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