4 Genius Ways Real People Are Getting Hired

How these innovative seekers got their job application out of the "no" pile.

By Alison Caporimo

Used Trendy Technology

"Journalist, strategist, manager, deadline Jedi, idea machine Dawn Siff" became the first person to create a resume with Twitter's Vine app, which allows users to cut together 6-second videos with their phones. Siff recently told Mashable that the effort led to job opportunities.

Changed the Familiar

Philippe Dubost created a resume website designed to look almost exactly like the Amazon homepage, with a twist: The "product description" lists his bio and job qualifications. Click his name to visit his LinkedIn profile, and press the “Add to Cart” button to hire him immediately. After eight days online, Dubost’s resume attracted over one million visitors. Impressive.

Got Smart About Google

Looking for an advertising gig, Alec Brownstein spent all of $6 to create Google ads targeted at five of the biggest names in the business. When those execs searched from themselves online, the first link to come up was Brownstein's, asking if he could have a job. His plan worked: Brownstein interviewed with four of the five employers he made ads for, received job offers from two, and currently works at ad agency powerhouse Y&R.

Taught Their Resume to Talk

Victor Petit made his job application come to life with a QR code. Read his resume, scan the code, and flip the piece of paper over to find a picture of Petit himself. Place your phone on the photo’s designated spot and, as his mouth appears onscreen, Petit explains (in his own words) why you should hire him.

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