3 Make-Ahead Super Bowl Snacks

Make any get-together extra satisfying with hearty favorites from Morton’s The Cookbook by the famed steak house’s cofounder, Klaus Fritsch. Recipes like Asian-inspired steak rolls, savory baked onions, and tangy blue cheese dip can be prepared ahead of time and are all winners—no matter how your team performs on the field.

By Klaus Fritsch from Morton's The Cookbook
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    Warm Blue Cheese Dip
    Bacon and garlic give this crowd-pleaser an extra kick.
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    Sirloin Rolls
    Morton’s famous steak gets an exotic twist with an Asian-style sauce and lemongrass stalks (available at Asian markets and some supermarkets).
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    Baked Onions with Gruyère
    Onions turn tender and juicy when baked; a little Gruyère makes them rich and irresistible.
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