31 Delicious Recipes for the Grill

Fire up the grill, plan a picnic, or invite friends over for a backyard fiesta. We have over 30 tasty grilling recipes to make your next summer party a success.

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Coconut-Grilled Corn
Grilled corn is a staple side dish, but Steve Raichlen makes it the center of attention. The recipe is excerpted from Raichlen's cookbook Planet Barbecue!
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The Best Beef Satés in Singapore
These tiny, flame-seared beef kebabs are tender and spicy. This delicious recipe comes from Planet Barbecue! by Steve Raichlen.
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Ginger, Garlic, and Honey Grilled Baby Back Ribs
Grill master Steve Raichlen uses a mix of Asian seasonings gives these ribs intense flavor. The recipe is excerpted from his cookbook Planet Barbecue!
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Eggplant and Peppers with Feta
Emeril Lagasse's new cookbook proves you don't need meat for great grilling.
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Salt and Pepper Grilled Shrimp
This simple but flavorful shrimp dish comes from The Barbecue! Bible by Steven Raichlen, a comprehensive guide that was updated last year.
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Wild Mushroom-Cheddar Burger
Bobby Flay gives a classic burger a flavorful twist by adding wild mushrooms.
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Raw Corn, Arugula, and Pecorino Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast
Sweet corn, bitter arugula, and salty Pecorino--Michael Chiarello's simple combination is wonderfully satisfying.
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Portobello Mushroom Burgers
Quick and tasty, hearty burgers are a great meatless menu option.
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Lemon-Lime Chicken
Lemon and lime add tremendous flavor to this grilled chicken recipe.
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Sweet-and-Sour Skewered Shrimp
These delicious shrimp and pepper kabobs are sure to spice up your next barbecue.
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Campfire Potatoes
Onion, cheddar cheese and Worcestershire sauce combine to make a super side dish for any grilled meat.
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Orange Picante Pork Chops
A quick marinade spices up these chops. For more intense flavor, prepare them the night before and refrigerate until you're ready to grill.
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Basil Turkey Burgers
The turkey mayonnaise combo make this a superb substitute for traditional beef burgers.
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Tortilla Burgers
This fresh take on the burger will add southwestern flair to your next barbecue.
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Sesame Steaks
These grilled steaks are bursting with flavor!
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Pesto-Corn Grilled Peppers
In this recipe, grilled red peppers are used as edible bowls. Try piping pesto mashed potatoes into them as an alternative.
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Grilled Beef Gyros
A spicy marinade adds zip to these grilled beef slices tucked inside pita bread.
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Zesty Mustard Chicken
Whether you're grilling a broiler chicken or chicken breasts, consider this lip-smacking glaze. There are only four ingredients in the honey mustard sauce, so you can whip it up in minutes.
Get the Zesty Mustard Chicken recipe

Oriental Steak Skewers
Served with a creamy mustard sauce, these colorful steak bundles are special enough for company.
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Salmon With Citrus Salsa
Fire up the grill for this mouthwatering salmon topped with an orange and grapefruit salsa.
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Cool Cucumber Chicken
Nothing could be easier than this chicken topped with a tangy dill sauce.
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Grilled Potato Skins
These hors d'oeuvres start in the microwave and are finished on the grill, making them quick and crispy.
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Basil-Stuffed Steak
Fresh herbs make this juicy steak irresistible.
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Turkey Kabobs With Fennel and Red-Pepper Relish
Simple, yet sophisticated, these kabobs are healthy too!
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Chicken Satay
Keep your crowd cheering with these delectable chicken skewers.
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Zesty Steak Fajitas
A zesty tomato and jalapeno relish and tender strips of steak make these traditional fajitas extra special. This dish is easily multiplied to serve a group. Set out different toppings for everyone to assemble their own.
Get the Zesty Steak Fajitas recipe

Apple-Thyme Chicken
Apples and chicken may seem like an unusual combination, but they make a wonderful meal when grilled to perfection. The thyme marinade gives a boost of flavor and tenderizes the chicken nicely.
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Orange-Ginger Pork Chops
Basting chops with this tangy orange-ginger sauce makes them extremely tender and savory.
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Grilled Chicken and Pear Salad
Juicy chicken, creamy Camembert and velvety pears combine for one outstanding salad.
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Grilled Apple Crisp
Topped with a scoop of ice cream, this warm dessert will earn you rave reviews.
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Grilled Peaches With Berry Sauce
Topped with brown sugar and cinnamon, the peaches come off the grill sweet and spicy. The raspberry sauce adds a refreshing touch.
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