4 Recipes Using Coffee as a Secret Ingredient

Coffee adds delicious flavor to dinner and dessert. See how.

from Extraordinary Meals from Ordinary Ingredients
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    Broiled Spicy Steaks

    Most spice producers make at least one commercial spice rub for beef. But you won't find our flavor combination anywhere on grocery store shelves. Mixing a bit of coffee into the rub creates a rich, aromatic flavor. Get the Broiled Spicy Steaks recipe.

    Broiled Java Turkey

    Boneless, skinless turkey breast halves are readily available in most supermarket meat departments. Often labeled "turkey London broil," they make a great canvas to paint with flavor. Brewed coffee creates a hearty marinade here that imparts tons of flavor in a short time. Get the Broiled Java Turkey recipe.

    Seattle Chiffon Cake

    Chiffon cakes tend to feature delicate aromas such as lemon. This cake takes a different route to flavor with rich-tasting cocoa powder, cinnamon, and brewed espresso. Walnut oil gives the cake a delightfully nutty quality, but you could also use extra-light olive oil or canola oil. Get the Seattle Chiffon Cake recipe.

    Espresso Biscotti

    Coffee-flavored desserts are all the rage. Here, instead of adding brewed coffee, we found that you get more bang for the buck by baking ground coffee right into the cookies. A touch of cocoa powder and cinnamon will have you dreaming of a frothy cappuccino. Get the Espresso Biscotti recipe.


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