4 Weekend Garden Projects Anyone Can Do

We’ve scoured the Internet for easy gardening projects that celebrate the best of spring. Check out our favorite simple, charming garden projects.

By Reader's Digest Editors

Project 1: Build a terrarium

Love the green of spring, but don’t have a plot to garden? Adore greenery, but don’t garden? A terrarium is the solution to both problems and apartmenttherapy.com is the place to go for 25 whimsical creations.

Project 2: Make a boot box

After a day spent mucking about in the earth you’ll need a place to park your shoes. Why not add to the quaintness of your garden area with a boot box? Freshhomeideas.com offers a one-hour tutorial on how to make a simple, stylish place to store muddy boots. Take a look at their finished product, which features a filling of easy-to-gather gravel.

Project 3: Plant a container garden

You can grow beautiful flowers or tasty, fresh vegetables in a container garden, a long-lasting option for folks short on space or who want to add enchantment to an otherwise drab porch or patio. HGTV has tips for planting a successful container garden and 7 incredibly pretty versions to inspire you.

Project 4: Create space

Build a platform for plants by throwing a weathered board atop two large pots. This makeshift way to stage extra plants buys you space while adding a lush and inviting element to your garden area. See photos and details at MarthaStewart.com.

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