4 Weirdly Delicious Sweet and Salty Snacks Recipes

Easy, unusual DIY party snacks: These bitty bites meld sweet and salty in adorable mini sandwiches!

By Perri O. Blumberg from Reader's Digest Magazine | August 2013
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    Video edited and produced by Alexa Speyer

    Bites of Bliss!

    Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at a Reader's Digest food photo shoot to see how these tantalizing snacks came to life. They're so easy to make you'll want to host a party tonight to sweeten up everybody's evening!

    Read on for the delectable recipes. »

    Kang Kim for Reader's Digest

    Ice Cream Snaps

    Sandwich a heaping teaspoon of your favorite ice cream between two pretzels or your favorite crackers. Roll edges in sprinkles.

    Kang Kim for Reader's Digest


    Stack a marshmallow and a piece of chocolate bar on a potato chip, top with another chip, and microwave for 10 to 20 seconds.

    Kang Kim for Reader's Digest


    Make a sammie with two thin cinnamon-raisin or pistachio-almond cookies. Cover one cookie with peanut butter and another with hazelnut spread. Place a row of sliced bananas between cookies for a sweet treat.

    Kang Kim for Reader's Digest


    Split open some colorful macaroons, and fill them with store-bought olive tapenade. They will disappear in no time, trust us.

    Snackspiration: Snyder's of Hanover, Laurel House/popchips; Nonni's THINaddictives; Cans Get You Cooking


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    • kyle joseph johnson

      Ice cream and pretzels is one of my absolute favorite snacks of all time.

      Also, this video is really beautiful, and well made. However, I absolutely loathe the “smoresely sweetwich” nonsense. Seriously. The cutesy stuff is for people who aren’t good at what they do, or for products that don’t promise what they deliver.

      Carry on.