Best 4th of July Movies the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Whether watching with the kids, the neighbors, or yourself, these movies are great choices around the 4th of July.

By Damon Beres
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    American Graffiti

    You want: To revel in '60s-era Americana at its finest.

    You're watching with: Anyone from teens to grandparents.

    Critics say: "A brilliant work of popular art, it redefined nostalgia."—Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

    Independence Day

    You want: Something more explosive than the fireworks outside.

    You're watching with: A whole party of loud people.

    Critics say: "Splendidly cheesy entertainment."—Carol Buckland,


    You want: Something truly, deeply patriotic.

    You're watching with: Adults or more mature teens. The movie contains violence.

    Critics say: "A strong and valuable film."—Roger Ebert

    Moonrise Kingdom

    You want: A vision of summer camp adults can enjoy.

    You're watching with: Grownups or savvy older teens: some borderline "R" situations mean youngsters should steer clear.

    Critics say: "It's a fable about what it feels like to be 12 years old and afflicted, from head to toe, by a romantic crush the size of a planet."—Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

    My Girl

    You want: A thoughtful coming of age story that's tailored to the season.

    You're watching with: Just a few people, tweens and up: This drama-comedy will spark discussion but won't fill the room.

    Critics say: "A modest, likable piece of work, with a handful of charming, low-key performances."—Hal Hinson, Washington Post

    Top Gun

    You want: Explosions, volleyball montages, and jet planes.

    You're watching with: Sugar-filled children or grownups who've had a few afternoon beers..

    Critics say: "The aerial sequences.. are as thrilling... as any ever put on film."—Gene Siskel

    Free Willy

    You want: Nothing more than a fun, summery diversion.

    You're watching with: Young kids.

    Critics say: "It's like Lassie with whales."—Scott Weinberg, eFilmCritic,.com

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    You want: To celebrate the holiday with a classic American story.

    You're watching with: An engaged audience: The movie will spark discussion, but it may not rival the fireworks outside.

    Critics say: "Storytelling doesn't get much better than this."—Empire Magazine


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