Party Ideas Worth Copying: 4th of July Pictures and DIY Crafts

Celebrate our nation with these fun craft ideas and easy projects from these 4th of July pictures.

By Alyssa Jung
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    Watermelon stars

    Cool idea: turn food into stars! Use a cookie cutter to make five-pointed watermelon bites.

    Homemade patriotic chalk

    There's nothing better than covering the street with chalk murals in the summertime. Keep the kiddies (or adults) occupied at your backyard bash with homemade red, white, and blue star-shaped chalk. Just mix plaster of Paris with dye, pour into molds and get to it.

    Simply patriotic

    Show off your patriotism with a wreath made of cardboard stars and yarn stripes. Buy a plain straw wreath (tip: don't remove the plastic wrapping), some balls of red, white, and blue yarn, and wrap until you have a beautiful American flag design.

    Star luminaries

    Make your evening barbecue glow with homemade luminaries decorated with colored tissue paper and ribbons.

    Red, white and blue utensils

    Wrap utensils in red, white, and blue bandanas. It's an effortless way to give your party a little 4th of July flair.

    Rocket poppers

    Make your own rocket-shaped party favors. These cute poppers are so fun even grown-ups will want in on the excitement.

    Red, white and blue Americana

    Simple nostalgia: a white picket fence draped with American flags from the dollar store.

    Get creative

    Set your 4th of July party apart by turning a watermelon into a drink dispenser. Cut the top off a watermelon and hollow it out. Insert a spigot, pour in your bunch and let the good times flow.

    Celebrate stars and stripes

    Make a statement using red, white, and blue paint chips.

    Festive sippy cups for grown-ups

    Give summery mason jars a 4th of July touch by covering the lids in festive scrapbook paper, punching a hole and sticking in a straw for fun sipping. It's so simple you can make it ahead of time or lay out the materials and let guests create their own.

    Let your American pride shine through

    Line a walkway with DIY patriotic lanterns. Draw stars and firework bursts on a tin can with the wrapping peeled off, then punch holes along the design, paint, and fill with tea candles.

    4th of July pinwheels

    Make your own 4th of July pinwheels using colored card stock and a printable design. Stick in your garden, gather in a vase for a picnic centerpiece, or hand them out as party favors.

    "Homegrown" American flags

    "Plant" American flags around the patio or backyard for a subtle celebration.


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