Child Safety: 5 Backyard Dangers to Avoid

Millions of people are injured and thousands are killed each year in household mishaps, according to the Home Safety Council. Here, common mistakes to avoid this summer.

from Reader's Digest

The Danger: Kids climbing on equipment too high for their age, doubling the chances of injury during falls.

How to Stay Safe: Children 5 and under shouldn't climb higher than 6 feet; for school-age kids, the limit is 8 feet.

The Danger: Not clearing yard of debris before mowing; kids falling off parents' laps on riding mowers; hands too close to blade.

How to Stay Safe: Clear yard of large sticks and rocks; shut off mower when reaching near blades; never let children near or on a mower.

The Danger: Grilling too close to the house; leak or break in gas line; leaving grill unattended.

How to Stay Safe: Keep grill 3 feet from house. To check gas line, slather with dish soap; if it bubbles, replace.

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The Danger: Falling, colliding with others, performing stunts.

How to Stay Safe: No multiple jumpers, somersaults or kids under 6 allowed.

The Danger: Ladder base too close to supporting object, so it tips; loss of balance from overreaching or standing on a rung that's too high.

How to Stay Safe: For each 4 feet of distance between ground and upper contact point, move base out 1 foot. Don't stand higher than fourth rung from top.

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