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  1. Mini Clean
    Jun 07 - 6:19

    I used to have baking soda in doing my cleaning. But, thanks for this detailed share. I really did get something new that I can try on especially on cleaning my kitchen sink. This is such a brilliant post!

  2. Jessica Couey
    Apr 19 - 3:42

    I tried this and the solution was way to thick to even use the spray nozzle I had to just pour it on the surface I wanted to clean. Although it did work pretty well it would have been easier to just spray it. I even tried diluting it even more and it was still to thick!

  3. Heather Pearson
    Apr 08 - 5:22

    You should have put on here that this is a paste cleaner. Yes i know the post says a squirt bottle. but you should’ve written it more obviously. I wasted a lot of my ingredients

  4. Fresh&clean
    Mar 14 - 4:02

    follow recipe for bathroom cleaner, but the solution is too thick to spray…tried two different spray bottles, added more water, would not spray

  5. divad
    Nov 01 - 7:34


  6. Debi
    Aug 30 - 1:01

    It works and smells great!! Thank you! :)

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