5 Dangerous Salon Treatments

Popular beauty treatments may lead to serious infections, hair loss, and even cancer. Stay safe and beautiful: Check out our list of salon dangers now.

By Reader's Digest Editors
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    Although it can be relaxing and rejuvenating, a trip to the local nail salon may be riddled with dangers. Unclean tools can spread the potentially deadly Staph infection and improperly washed pedicure tubs can spread fungi that can lead to foot infections. To be safe, bring your own tools or purchase a brand new set directly from the salon.

    And those drying stations with the UV lights? Experts link them to cancer and claim they accelerate photoaging.

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    Brazilian Blowout

    This popular salon treatment straightens curly, thick hair into a smooth sheen; but the chemicals used for this treatment may be dangerous. The formula, which contains formaldehyde, can burn the eyes, skin, and cause breathing difficulties if used long-term. Stylists who do this procedure frequently are more at risk because of their continued exposure. If you get the treatment, find a salon that uses formaldehyde-free products.

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    Eyelash Tinting/Dyeing

    Much liking dying your hair, eyelash tinting/dyeing can permanently make your lashes darker using chemical dyes. This procedure can lead to serious eye infections or even blindness if the treatment is not administered correctly. Look for salons that specialize in eyelash tinting/dyeing and never try this procedure at home.

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    Botox Injections

    Botox injections and other FDA approved injections have helped millions reduce the look and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When administered by a healthcare professional, this procedure can be relatively safe, but it still can cause adverse side effects like bruising and swelling. By getting injections administered by unlicensed salons you are putting yourself at great risk.

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    Dying to get that summer glow? Think again. Tanning can be very dangerous for your skin by increasing your risk of deadly skin cancers like melanoma. Tanning can also cause premature aging, and unsightly spots on your skin. Try spray tanning at a reputable salon or apply a gentle sunless tanner at home for a safer way to sun-kissed skin.

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    • Emma A. Neill

      I myself was a victim. I got a fungus infection from a pedicure at a beauty salon. Had to see a podiatrist, and never went back. I try and do my own manicures and pedicures.
      A senior citizen…….

      • LynnetteMadden

        Senior Citizen,
         What type of place did you go to? Did they speak English? Did they empty and deep clean the INDUSTRY STANDARD way? Or did they use the water on you from the person before you? 
          What implements did they use? Were they wash, dried and put in a sanitizing solution, fully submersed? Or were the files and implements used on the person before and after you the same ones? 
          If you go to a GOOD salon, you will NOT have this happen. BUT, you get what you pay for. If you are bargain hunting for nail and feet services, you will NOT get top notch service for Dollar Store prices. 
        Lynnette Madden
        PA State Licensed Nail Technician & Esthetician

    • VJ

      I suggest just staying home and never leaving the house at all.  That way you’ll be totally safe.  I mean, unless there’s a tornado or something…

    • LynnetteMadden

        As a nail technician who practices SAFE services and sanitary precautions, I would NEVER use ANY implements brought in by a client. This may be true for the thousands of deep discounted shops who take advantage of the unsuspecting customer, but it is not for me and the hundreds of PROFESSIONAL nail technicians I know from all over the world. 
        Those UV lamps causing cancer? Actually, this “accusation” has been disproved. Your author needs to do more research. Clients get more UV exposure by driving to the salon than they will get while having their fingers under a 9 watt UV lamp. 
        Please, the scare tactics are starting to get OLD. 
        It would be nice if a good article was written that tells the consumer WHAT to look for in the cheap shops they patronize. 
      Lynnette Diaz-Madden
      PA LICENSED Nail Technicial

    • Nell

      Hmm, the problem with reading these kind of things–look at the list of sources. With the possible exception of WebMD, not a one of these are really valid. Let’s do some real research and report on some real issues, not just spread around useless junk.