5 Easy Halloween Crafts

Take your Halloween decorating to the next level! We’ve come up with a mix of simple craft projects: ornaments, napkin rings, mummy heads, and more.

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Scarecrow Gift Bag

Did your best friend stuff herself into her high school cheerleading outfit just so she’d have a costume for your party? Did your neighbor actually rent a costume so he could be the coolest Star Wars character on the block? Send them home with this scary handmade treat bag.
How to Make It

Mummy Heads

Thanks to those funny eyes, these little heads look confounded that they’ve lost the rest of their bodies! Place a cluster of these on the mantel or your living room table for a laugh-evoking decoration.
How to Make It

Halloween Napkin Rings

These napkin rings draw oohs and aahs of delight from party guests due to their bright colors and bold designs.
How to Make It

Spooky Witch Ornament

Christmas isn’t the only holiday for which you can use ornaments! Hang this wicked witch ornament from your mantel, in front of a window, or even from a coffee-mug rack!
How to Make It

Haunted Birdhouses

Miniature villages aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Halloween-themed ghost towns and goblin “ghettos” are all the rage in the well-decorated haunts these days. These birdhouses are a great rainy-day project.
How to Make It

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