5 Free Ideas for Room Makeovers

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    The focal point of a room is the first visual element to which the eye is immediately drawn. Rooms without an obvious focal point can look bland, disorganized or incomplete, regardless of the style or quality of the furnishings. To add flair to an unfocused room, a quick and inexpensive fix is to use items you already have. Check out these five ideas to give your favorite room a fresh new look.

    1. Bright throw cushions or a quilt can add impact to a dull bed.

    2. Frame a beautiful silk scarf or lace shawl that you haven't worn in years and hang it on the wall behind the bed.

    3. If your fireplace and mantelpiece are a bit lackluster, use leftover paint to set them off with a floor-to-ceiling background panel of a different color.

    4. Hang a large mirror or a display of eye-catching plates above the mantelpiece.

    5. Get rid of clutter to draw the eye to a focal point: remember that less is more, so rotate collectibles instead of displaying all of your treasures all the time.


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    • http://www.edgehomerenovation.com/additions/ Hardy Coufal

      Expect lots of tasks when you do a renovation project for your home. Creating ideas may take time so don’t rush yourself. Looking for some ideas in improving homes will surely help you in planning your project.

    • http://www.haurysmith.com/leased-living-nashville-franklin-tn-homes-condos.html Colby Moore

      Planning a good design for a magnificent transformation of your room can be challenging and there could be tons of things for you to consider. But it does lookenjoyable because it seems as if you are playing! All you need to do to create a good theme for a room makeover is use your imagination and look for some photos of other home makeovers. That way, you can gain ideas on how to decorate your room.

    • http://www.kolasinc.com/ Easton Sitzes

      A home makeover needs a well-designed plan and a definite theme. You may check what furniture and decors are available in the market and formulate an idea for organizing them. Well, you can read blogs and magazines about home improvement if you want to have an idea for your home project.