5 Pet Items that Waste Money

From strollers to luxury pet beds; there are some items on the market that your pet simply doesn’t need. Save your money and check our list of the top five offenders.

By Reader's Digest Editors
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    Luxury Pet Bed

    Your pet deserves a soft, clean place to rest; but there is no need to spend a fortune on bedding. Opt for a cozy, simple bed that you’ll keep clean and inviting for afternoon naps and a retreat from the busy household.


    Sure, it may seem fun to dress up your animals for a special occasion or during the winter’s harshest temperatures; but animals really weren’t meant to wear clothing. Save money and skip the clothes or purchase simple, soft clothing that you don’t mind getting ruined by accidents or a day at the park.

    Expensive Treats

    Your vet will have the best advice for the appropriate treat for your animal and we encourage you to follow this advice. But if you’re interested in purchasing expensive treats just for fun, your pet won’t know the difference. For dogs, a sturdy bone and for cats a delicious wholesome treat will do.


    Make grooming your pet a daily routine and you’ll save loads of money on expensive grooming. Brush fur and even brush their teeth to keep them beautiful and healthy. Of course some breeds require extensive grooming but shop around and speak to other owners to find the best deal.


    While some people treat their pets as children, unless your pet has a mobility issues it’s best to skip the stroller. Cats generally don’t need a walk around the block and dogs should get the exercise instead of being carted around on a stroller.

    Source: aspca.org, pets.wedmd.com


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    • Leesak

      Dear Readfers Digest. This article stinks. I’m not “wasting” any more of my money on you.

    • Hayleedog

      I admit I’m guilty of having a stroller for my 6 lb pomeranian but I really do feel like it is needed as I also have a 47lb chow who likes longer walks then a quick turn around the block. The pom walks part of the way but will tire out before the chow. The pom loves his stroller, the chow loves her walks and I don’t mind the expense if I feel it’s worth it, which I do. Everyone’s happy!
      And readers digest should realize there are exceptions to every rule and circumstance

      • Victoria

        I know, I wish people understood that sometimes a dog stroller is necessary. I have two maltese and my younger dog has a deformity in his front leg that makes it nearly impossible for him to walk on that leg. While he is able to walk very well with three legs (holding the bad paw up in the air) he gets tired very quickly. The stroller allows me to take both dogs for a walk and when my younger dog gets tired he can go in the stroller while my older dog enjoys her walk.

    • Texas Rottie

      This was obviously written by someone who doesn’t particularly like pets.  I expected better from Reader’s Digest.

    • nbsp

      I make sweaters for our boston terrier – same pattern over and over – sale priced fleece or cut up old clothes.  Our dog likes them and it’s fun for us.  Cheap and veterinarian-approved treats:  dried sweet potato chips; cut-up pieces of strawberry, mango, banana; carrot sticks; frozen blueberries.  There are lots of recipes for baked treats – essentially peanut butter cookies without the sugar.  Toys: empty disposable drink bottles.  Our vet recommended filling them with water but our dog has more fun when they’re empty.  Dog bed: used bean bag chair (unless it’s a chewing risk)

      In general, ask your vet.  If you go to a large clinic, ask if they have a vet who owns or specializes in your breed of dog.  That’s how I’ve picked up the best tips.

    • tonya

      dogs hate clothes, it’s a dom thing for them … you are dominating them when you put clothes on them, that feeling of confinement sends them a message they do not like.

      • Nadenewarner

        that is untrue some dogs like there clothes mine will pick out her own shirt and bring it to me to put on her and her best friend does the same thing

      • Nadenewarner

        that is untrue some dogs like there clothes mine will pick out her own shirt and bring it to me to put on her and her best friend does the same thing

    • Elizabeth M. Wright

                                Elizabeth W.