5 Quick Cleaning Projects in 20 Minutes or Less

From mopping bathroom floors to keeping clutter away, devoting just a few minutes of your day can keep your home in top shape.

By Reader's Digest Editors
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    Got 20 Minutes?

    Mop the bathroom floors

    Grab a bucket and your favorite mop and give some TLC to your bathroom floors. Focus on corners and stuck-on materials first and then spread out to the cleaner parts of the room.

    Got 15 Minutes?

    Clean mirrors and windows in two rooms

    Pick two rooms, bedrooms or sitting rooms, and focus on the windows. With glass cleaner in hand, start from the top and work your way down, making sure not to leave any streaks. For an old-fashioned trick, use newspaper to make the windows sparkle.

    Got 10 Minutes?

    Dust the living room

    Electronics and lamps can get dusty quickly. Take a feather duster or dust-removing spray and get behind all of the nooks and crannies in your entertainment system and surrounding surfaces.

    Got 5 Minutes?

    Empty and replace trash bins

    Grab a large garbage bag and go from room to room in your home and empty out trash bins.

    Got 1 Minute?

    Take dirty dishes to the kitchen

    Grab all of the cups, plates, and rogue cutlery around the house and take them directly to the sink or dishwasher.

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