5 Secrets to Buying Really Good, Affordable Table Wine

Follow these tips to pick great wines for less.

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1. Look for wine from regions that aren’t as famous.

Land costs for growers in these areas are lower, and thus they can pass on their savings in the price of their wines. For example, opt for a wine from Paso Robles, California, rather than Napa.

2. Choose lesser-known grape varietals.

Think Petite Sirah, not Cabernet Sauvignon. Not sure where to start? Go to iwinedb.com for some basic information, or read hints from bloggers on sites like IntoWine.com and Suite101.

3. Buy wine from warmer climates, such as Spain, California, or Australia.

Successful grape harvests are more reliable there, keeping prices down.

4. Try out wine festivals for great deals on samples.

Check out Localwineevents.com for wine events in your area.

5. Before buying a bottle, ask the staff if it should be aged more.

If you want a wine to drink that night, don’t buy a bottle that’s meant to live in a cellar for five years—and a wine that's meant to be aged may often be more expensive.

Sources: U.S.News & World Report, LocalWineEvents.com, Cellarnotes.net, Internet Wine Database

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