5 Tricks of the Trade to Make Your Clothing Last Longer

In this economy, it pays to extend the life of your wardrobe. Here's a simple shopping list of items that costs pennies per use can really do the job.

By Janice Lieberman from readersdigest.com

1. Ammonia

For oily laundry, ammonia cuts the grease-no detergent needed.

2. Artificial sweetener

Any brand will work. If you are out to dinner at a restaurant, or even if grease splatters on you while you are cooking, use a powdery sugar substitute to blot the stain. The fine powder will absorb the oil. You may have to keep blotting and using more sweetener, but it really works! And artificial sweetener is always handy at any eatery.

3. A micro-fiber cloth

It can be used as a lint remover or for spotting a stain. Heloise says it’s a “must-have.”

4. To make your dry-cleaning last

Cut the bottom portion of the plastic to allow the garment to breathe. The plastic on top will prevent your item from getting dusty.

5. Shampoo

Got ring around the collar? Cheap hair shampoo will break down body oils and act as a detergent.