5 Ways to Reverse Youthful Mistakes

Follow these healthy lifestyle tips to reverse some damage from your younger years.

from Best You
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    Getting sunburned frequently

    While the damage can’t be reversed, smart skin care from this point on reduces the odds of skin cancer, and limits further wrinkle and spotting potential. So keep using sunblock, wear a hat and sunglasses, and moisturize frequently. It all helps.

    Getting drunk a lot

    Healthy living eventually repairs most of the damage of excessive drinking from years past. For example, in one study of nearly 1,600 people, former drinkers’ risk for cancer of the esophagus dropped to normal after a decade. But that means living healthfully today, and limiting yourself to no more than one serving of alcohol a day.

    Smoking marijuana frequently

    While damaged lung tissue won’t regrow on its own, you were born with lots of lung tissue. Stop ALL types of smoking, and lead a healthy life, and in time most, if not all the health risks you may have caused, will fade away.

    Having major injuries

    You often can compensate for old injuries in ways that will greatly reduce future health hassles. If you had a serious leg, knee or ankle injury as a kid, or have leg or joint pain now, have your doctor measure your legs to see if they are the same length. If not, a simple insert in your shoe can remedy the problem.

    Having many sexual partners

    For most women, all that’s left of their past sexual encounters are memories—hopefully, good ones. Just be sure to get routine testing for the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. If you’re sexually active again, protect yourself by taking both an HPV test and a PAP smear now. Also, ask your gynecologist about the HPV vaccine.


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