6 Condiments You Can Make From Scratch

Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, and even peanut butter can all be easily and quickly made in your own kitchen.

from The Cheating Chef's Secret Cookbook

Forget about buying this American staple-homemade is so much better and an inspired way to use up those extra tomatoes.
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Named for the plant that produces the seeds from which the powder is derived, this versatile condiment is easily made and adjusted to suit a particular taste or use.
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Homemade mayonnaise tastes so good that it improves all the salads and sandwiches it gets into. Our version is boiled, eliminating any fear of salmonella contamination from raw eggs. You can experiment with lemon juice for the vinegar and different oil. You also might try cayenne for the white pepper.
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Cocktail Sauce
The zesty side for shrimp and other seafood. This is not only cheaper than bottled cocktail sauce, but you can mix ingredients to suit your taste.
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Tartar Sauce
Once you've tasted a homemade version of this classic fish accompaniment, you won't waste your money on prepared tartar sauces.
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Peanut Butter
This American staple can really eat up your budget. Surprisingly, peanut butter is not only cheaper to make at home, but healthier, too.
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