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  1. rich
    Apr 12 - 10:38

    The pop ups that keep occuring at this website are very obnoxious I won’t use this site again.

  2. Lightninrod69
    Jul 14 - 10:01

    Kill wasps without harmful spray- a large squirt of dishwashing liquid in a quart bucket of warm water, splashed on the nest (accuracy IS important) will get rid of these pests.

  3. Snapuhappy
    Jul 03 - 4:14

    Here is another use for Dish washing Liquid soap! take some of the soap and put it in a clean dry rag. Rub it onto your bathroom mirrors.  It may look strange at first but with elbow grease and a bit or rubbing it in helps prevent, “fog” on them from after you shower.  Also if you have glasses the same thing for when it is cold in the winter and the steam “fogs” up your glasses do the same treatment and presto no more foggy glasses!  Don’t rinse the soap off or water it down because it will come off on it’s own, and then you should add some more once the steam comes back. Wash your glasses as needed by the way ;)

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