6 Tips for Healthier Grilling

Here are a half-dozen ways to get the best benefits from grilling.

from 759 Secrets for Beating Diabetes
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    Tip 1. Bypass burgers and fill the grill with seafood and lean cuts of meat. You don't have to gorge on fatty burgers and bratwursts just because you’re cooking outside. Healthier choices include skinless chicken breasts, beef tenderloin or sirloin, and fish.

    Recipe to Try: Salmon with Citrus Salsa

    Tip 2. Disrobe your chicken.

    Tip 3. Bathe meats in a vinegar-based marinade.

    Tip 4. Splurge on grilling lessons.

    Tip 5. Skewer some squash, portabello mushrooms, eggplant, and zucchini.

    Tip 6. Grill delicate foods in packets.


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