6 Healthy Dinner Ideas: Fish Recipes

It can help your heart and protect your brain. Baked or grilled, you really can't go wrong with fish. Looking for nutritious meal ideas? Give these recipes a try.

Compiled by Amy Zerello from readersdigest.com
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    Fish is the best choice for a healthy dinner. It can boost your mood and give you a healthy dose of protein.

    Get the Salmon with Tarragon Mayo Recipe
    Salmon is not a mild-tasting fish, so a creamy sauce made of low-fat yogurt, mayonnaise, and herbs balances the flavors and makes the dish cool and refreshing. Here the fish is served on a bed of couscous flavored with the light, wine-based poaching liquid from the fish, eliminating the need for store-bought broth, which is usually high in sodium.

    Also try one of these meatless meals for a healthy dinner.

    Get the Seared Tuna and Bean Salad Recipe

    Get the Fish en Papillote Recipe

    Get the Cajun-Style Catfish Recipe

    Get the Salmon with Creamy Tomato Sauce Recipe

    Get the Salmon with Mango Salsa Recipe


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