6 Lunch Boxes You’ll Love

Say goodbye to your brown paper bags and trade them in for these fun and functional lunch boxes!

By Katie Sabbagh and Chandni Jhunjhunwala

Why We Like it: Indians have been using stainless steel lunchboxes called "tiffins" for years, because they are eco-friendly, easy to wash, and keep your food safe. The LunchBot combines all these qualities, and is cute to boot.
Cool Feature: The stainless steel lid snaps on so snug, you won't have to worry about messes or leaks.
Price: $12.99 — $14.99
Where to Buy: Lunchbots.com

Bento Boxes by Laptop Lunches
Why We Like it: Try this modern version of the traditional Japanese lunch box. The box has compartments so you can organize your lunch into different groups.
Cool Feature: Includes stainless steel utensils.
Price:$22.99 — $37.99
Where to Buy: Laptoplunches.com

Fridge-to-go® Lunch Bag
Why We Like it: No more mushy lunches. The Fridge-to-go keeps your food cold for up to 8 hours.
Cool Feature: The shoulder strap makes it convenient for kids to tote to school.
Price: $11.95
Where to Buy: Fridge-to-go.net

Gourmet Getaway Insulated Lunch Tote
Why We Like it: Not only does this lunch bag keep your food hot or cold, but it could also pass as a new handbag.
Cool Feature: The bag is made of neoprene -- or wetsuit fabric. So feel free to throw it in the wash when it gets dirty.
Price: $22.00 — $25.00
Where to Buy: Builtny.com

Why We Like it: You could pack a mini picnic into these nifty lunchbox sets. Comes with food containers, a drink bottle, and an ice pack to keep your food fresh all day.
Cool Feature: The box is collapsible so you could roll it out like a placemat, to fancy up lunchtime.
Price:$35.00 — $44.00
Where to Buy: Lunchsense.com

7 Up Lunch Box
Why We Like it: Go retro and indulge in some '80s nostalgia with this metal lunch box.
Cool Feature: Prefer Dr. Pepper over 7 Up? Choose your favorite fizzy drink from the The Soda Pop line of lunch boxes.
Price: $12.95
Where to Buy: Lunchboxes.com

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