8 Fun Ways to Eat a Hot Dog

Move over, ketchup and mustard—we've got the fun new toppings to take your hot dog from normal to amazing.

Rachel Mount
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    Topping Bar

    Create a festive spread in minutes by setting out a spread of unexpected toppings for basic hot dogs. We love: steamed or raw onions, relish, chili, shredded cheddar cheese, celery salt, fresh chopped tomatoes, basil, parsley, salsa, pickled vegetables, and Sriracha sauce.

    Spicy Corn Dogs

    Some like it hot! Cayenne pepper and mustard kick things up a notch in this delicious take on the classic corn dog.
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    All-Star Chili Dogs

    Who can resist hot dogs smothered with sizzling beef chili?

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    Haute 'Hogs' in a Blanket

    Try these savory sausage rolls for a fun twist on the favorite party appetizer pigs in blankets.

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    Franks and Beans

    It's barbeque season—why not add a little smoky flavor to beans and franks?

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    Grilled Hot Dog and Fruit Kabobs

    Slide hot dog pieces and pineapple chunks on kebab sticks—the flavors go surprisingly well together! (Unsure? Think of Hawaiian pizza—it's a similar idea!)

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    One-Alarm Mustard

    Can you handle the heat? Spice up any hot dog with this simple dip that makes even mustard seem special.

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    Jalapeno Cheese Dip

    Here's a great idea for leftover hot dogs: turn them into a gooey and delicious jalapeno cheese dip.

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      Yes, hot dogs equal animal abuse. They’re terrible for you, too!