7 Deadly Sins of Picture Hanging

Don't make these mistakes when hanging your art collection.

from Trade Secrets
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    1. Using adhesive picture hooks – particularly in humid areas.

    They're not up to the job and your artwork could end up on the floor. When removed, they often bring a strip of underlying paint or wallpaper with them.

    2. Using a hook and cord that are the wrong weight for the picture.

    You can't catch marlin with a hook and line designed for whiting, and pictures are no different. They won't hold. If in doubt about what you should use, ask for advice at your local hardware store or picture framers.

    3. Hanging pictures in areas where there are high temperatures or frequent changes of temperature

    Both will accelerate the ageing process of your pictures, so skip the sunroom.

    4. Hanging pictures where they will be exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

    This will fade both paintings and photographs.

    5. Hanging pictures in areas of high humidity, or extreme changes in humidity, such as kitchens and steamy bathrooms.

    6. Hanging pictures flat against a wall, which can encourage mold growth.

    Put something small and flat (like a matchbox) behind your pictures.

    7. Choosing an eye-catching frame and mounting.

    A frame and mounting should be chosen to match or enhance a picture, not make a statement of its own.


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    • md ccl

      no. I live in a tropical country and i’ve been using adhesive picture hooks for years. the cheap ones might do these awful things to your pictures, but the more expensive ones like 3M command tape holds well and removes cleanly. 

    • Crsmith6196

      2. Using a hook and cord that are the wrong weight for the picture……..ask for advice at your local hardware store or picture framers.  I’m here ready for advice.  Now I have to go elsewhere.  Useless info 

    • Dodie


    • Vinay Sharma

      It would be much better to give an article “How to hang a picture perfectly & artistically”


    • Dr.V.K.Kanniappan

      These are the valuable tips for the owner of the house and tenants with regard to hanging the pictures and photos on the walls.

    • Zeke

      Thank you for finally giving the reader a choice of slide show OR a single page.  Now how about
      using a darker font color instead of the light grey?  Make it easier to read, not more difficult.

    • Bmarrs

      Never hang an oil painting over a fire place. 1. the excess heat will dry out the paint.  2. the soot will drift up and make the painting dirty.

    • Kay

      What a totally useless article.  The ONLY good point is to not use stick on hangers.  What about where things should be hung in regard eye appeal. Such as never lining up the top of all the pictures in the room; groupings; why not a picture in the bathroom? It doesn’t have to be costly to be decorative, if it gets funky, toss it.  I’ve had an oil painting in my bathroom for 25 years, its fine.  If you are going to waste space, at least give some useful info. 

    • Anonymous

      This is informative!

    • Betty

      I really get tired of “experts” telling us how to do things that we have been doing for years! I disagree with several of these “seven deadly sins”. I have never had these problems and have been sinning for 40 years!