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  1. sugar cane
    May 13 - 2:54

    i am using olive from past 2 months to grow my facial hair i have seen extraordinary results. if any one having growing beard they need to massage few drops of olive oil on beard area with finger tips to grow fast facial hair..

    • Beardgrower
      Jul 04 - 8:47

      How long should you keep it in

  2. rraghurram
    May 13 - 2:49

    Olive oil excellent for fast facial hair growth in men..need to massage few drops one beard and mustaches

  3. Mel Stevens
    Feb 15 - 12:10

    Good to know! I tried olive oil once but now I’m using the pro naturals argan oil =D

  4. herp-a-ferp
    Aug 11 - 10:20

    I tried shaving with pure olive oil and I wound up with more cuts than I ever have with any shave cream. There are recipes around the web that include adding Aloe vera gel to olive oil, as well as some with shea butter and coconut oil. A little froth will help. Keep researching olive oil, it’s amazing uses go on and on and on and…

  5. Breeevil
    May 10 - 2:44

    You should never ever mix oive oil with salt and apply it to your skin. Salt is very abrasive, and the little granules are square so they are very sharp and can hurt your skin more than help it. Use granulated organic sugar, sugar is round so it will exfoliate, not scratch, your skin.

  6. Anonymous
    Apr 04 - 7:10

    I’d like to do an experiment and ascertain whether Barack Obama could survive by breathing oxygenated olive oil instead of air. We’d intubate him and use a peristaltic pump to fill his lungs with oxygenated olive oil and then after 10 minutes drain the lungs and put him back on respirator air and see if the experiment worked and he survived on the oxygenated olive oil for the 10 minutes.

    • ct
      Apr 08 - 2:52

      you have a sick brain; and you will go to heaven.

    • Zapped52
      May 02 - 8:04

       another Satan fellatin American hatin Renazican!!!

    • rexno
      Apr 23 - 11:58

      Please note that you will probably be audited by the IRS within the next 12 months.

  7. Anonymous
    Mar 27 - 6:29

    It gives Daryl Dixon a new, hysterical  way to make fun of Lori 

  8. Howard Latchford
    Mar 26 - 11:26

    Use it to keep your olives from squeaking.

  9. Howard Latchford
    Mar 26 - 11:26

    Use it to keep your olives from squeaking.

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