7 Extraordinary Uses for Olive Oil

Take your bottle of olive oil out of the kitchen and find out other surprising uses for it around the house: for your skin, your furniture, and more.

From Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things
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    Use as hair conditioner

    Is your hair as dry and brittle as sagebrush in the desert? Put the moisture back into it by heating 1/2 cup olive oil (don’t boil it), and then liberally applying it to your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic grocery bag, then wrap it in a towel. Let it set for 45 minutes, then shampoo and thoroughly rinse.

    Clear up acne

    Okay, the notion of applying oil to your face to treat acne does sound a bit wacky. Still, many folks swear this works: Make a paste by mixing 4 tablespoons salt with 3 tablespoons olive oil. Pour the mixture onto your hands and fingers and work it around your face. Leave it on for a minute or two, then rinse it off with warm, soapy water. Apply daily for one week, then cut back to two or three times weekly. You should see a noticeable improvement in your condition. (The principle is that the salt cleanses the pores by exfoliation, while the olive oil restores the skin’s natural moisture.)

    Substitute for shaving cream

    If you run out of shaving cream, don’t waste your time trying to make do with soap—it could be rough on your skin. Olive oil, on the other hand, is a dandy substitute for shaving cream. It not only makes it easier for the blade to glide over your face or legs, but it will moisturize your skin as well. In fact, after trying this, you may swear off shaving cream altogether.

    Clean your greasy hands

    To remove car grease or paint from your hands, pour 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon salt or sugar into your palms. Vigorously rub the mixture into your hands and between your fingers for several minutes; then wash it off with soap and water. Not only will your hands be cleaner, they’ll be softer as well.

    Remove paint from hair

    Did you get almost as much paint in your hair as you did on the walls in your last paint job? You can easily remove that undesirable tint by moistening a cotton ball with some olive oil and gently rubbing it into your hair. The same approach is also effective for removing mascara—just be sure to wipe your eyes with a tissue when done.

    Make your own furniture polish

    Restore the lost luster of your wooden furniture by whipping up some serious homemade furniture polish that’s just as good as any of the commercial stuff. Combine 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon juice or white vinegar in a clean recycled spray bottle, shake it up, and spritz on. Leave on the mixture for a minute or two, then wipe off with a clean terry-cloth or paper towel. In a hurry? Get fast results by applying olive oil straight from the bottle onto a paper towel. Wipe off the excess with another paper towel or an absorbent cloth.

    Recondition an old baseball mitt

    If your beloved, aging baseball glove is showing signs of wear and tear—cracking and hardening of the leather—you can give it a second lease on life with an occasional olive oil rubdown. Just work the oil into the dry areas of your mitt with a soft cloth, let it set for 30 minutes, then wipe off any excess. Your game may not improve, but at least it won’t be your glove’s fault. Some folks prefer to use bath oil to recondition their mitts.


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    • sugar cane

      i am using olive from past 2 months to grow my facial hair i have seen extraordinary results. if any one having growing beard they need to massage few drops of olive oil on beard area with finger tips to grow fast facial hair..

      • Beardgrower

        How long should you keep it in

    • rraghurram

      Olive oil excellent for fast facial hair growth in men..need to massage few drops one beard and mustaches

    • Mel Stevens

      Good to know! I tried olive oil once but now I’m using the pro naturals argan oil =D

    • herp-a-ferp

      I tried shaving with pure olive oil and I wound up with more cuts than I ever have with any shave cream. There are recipes around the web that include adding Aloe vera gel to olive oil, as well as some with shea butter and coconut oil. A little froth will help. Keep researching olive oil, it’s amazing uses go on and on and on and…

    • Breeevil

      You should never ever mix oive oil with salt and apply it to your skin. Salt is very abrasive, and the little granules are square so they are very sharp and can hurt your skin more than help it. Use granulated organic sugar, sugar is round so it will exfoliate, not scratch, your skin.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to do an experiment and ascertain whether Barack Obama could survive by breathing oxygenated olive oil instead of air. We’d intubate him and use a peristaltic pump to fill his lungs with oxygenated olive oil and then after 10 minutes drain the lungs and put him back on respirator air and see if the experiment worked and he survived on the oxygenated olive oil for the 10 minutes.

      • ct

        you have a sick brain; and you will go to heaven.

      • Zapped52

         another Satan fellatin American hatin Renazican!!!

      • rexno

        Please note that you will probably be audited by the IRS within the next 12 months.

    • Anonymous

      It gives Daryl Dixon a new, hysterical  way to make fun of Lori 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XC5P6V5J4VI5ADOZXVR24F74OE Howard Latchford

      Use it to keep your olives from squeaking.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XC5P6V5J4VI5ADOZXVR24F74OE Howard Latchford

      Use it to keep your olives from squeaking.