7 New Reasons to Love Pizza

Upgrade your basic pizza with toppings inspired by favorite comfort foods (think meatballs, Buffalo chicken, and grilled cheese).

By Usha Sahay from Taste of Home

Meatball Pizza

If you love: Spaghetti and Meatballs
Try: Prep extra meatballs when you're making pasta; save for a later pizza night and use as the topping.

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BLT Pizza

If you love: B.L.T.s (Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches)
Try: This cold pizza topped with crisp lettuce and bacon. Great as a party appetizer served at room temperature.

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Chicken Alfredo Pizza

If you love: Chicken Alfredo
Try: Topping your pizza with this creamy, cheesy sauce. It pairs perfectly with chicken and red peppers.

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Stuffed Crust Pizza

If you love: Grilled Cheese
Try: This simple technique bakes the cheese into the crust for your take on own homemade stuffed-crust pizza.

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Pizza Carbonara

If you love: Pasta Carbonara
Try: Topping your pizza with bacon and green onions, and a cheesy Parmesan sauce.

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Pizza on the Grill

If you love: Barbecue chicken
Try: Skip the rotisserie or turn the oven off on hot nights, and make this barbecue chicken pizza on your grill.

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza

If you love: Buffalo Chicken Wings
Try: This genius combination combines the cheesy goodness of pizza with the spicy kick of buffalo chicken. Don't forget the blue cheese dressing!

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