6 Crazy Cat Beds

Cat bed or conversation piece? We say, why not both? Here's a few hot hangouts for your cat or kitten guaranteed to get a few laughs.

By Reader's Digest Editors
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    Upcycled Vintage Blue Suitcase Bed

    AtomicAttic crafts cozy cat beds out of suitcases. Can also be shared with dogs.

    Cat Play House: Tank Commando

    ThinkGeek.com's Cat Play House lets kitty drive a tank. The ink is certified as non-toxic. Charge!

    Sasquatch!® II Firehouse Pet Bed

    Sasquatch!® pet beds keep kitty cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. This comfy abode's form-fitted faux fleece Sasquatch!® lining comes out for machine washing.

    Cardboard Cat Tee Pee

    Give your chief a place to retire after a long day of hunting and gathering toys (or prey!). Available at UncommonGoods.com.

    Kitty Cat Goes Pew Pew Pew

    Also from ThinkGeek.com, this easy-to-assemble (read: 5 minutes) airplane has a propeller you can spin!

    Cardboard Cat Chalet

    UncommonGoods.com asks, after a long day of play, what cat wouldn't love to retire to this luxurious lodge?

    Too intense for you or your feline friend? Try a plain old box.

    Because sometimes it really is okay to think inside the box.


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    • Tlongard

      What?  People spend $28 for a cardboard box for their pet to play in?   Hello?  No wonder we have economic problems in our country.  Why not get a free box at your local grocery store and donate the $28 to charity!?  Give your kids some crayons and they can use some creativity to make kitty’s castle just as lovely!

      • Catpersonontheplanetearth

        You are so right about crazy people spending $ for cardboard – DUH !!!

    • Tabithajd

      Neat beds.  But my cat sleeps wherever she wants.  Craziest place:  under the couch cushion (we found her when my son sat on her) Usual place:  in the bed with one or two of the four of us.

    • Gzusfish1

      My cat would probably eat this! She loves cardboard and paper.

    • Tahiranjum48

      On the mantlepiece

    • Hanshika

      That is awesome, how did you think of that idea and who thought of it,
      Well who ever thought of it is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Dancingpath

      This is a great idea!  I have to get one or two.