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  1. kam
    Feb 16 - 3:50

    I wonder if this works?????

  2. Tropicana10
    Feb 02 - 2:07

    I’m all in with natural ingredients for our skin. Just one question please: Would these skin care, specifically moisturizer, toner, facial scrub, and conditioner still work for 50+ year old women or should there be more amount in ingredients, amount of time applied, etc? Thank you.

  3. Emmis
    Dec 21 - 12:01

    She is a pretty old woman who has never worked a day in her life. All she does is sit around and talk all day.

  4. Leah Eastridge
    Apr 22 - 4:29

    fresh cream? like in the dairy case? what “fresh cream” is this talking about?

  5. amanda
    Feb 17 - 2:41

    Can you use pecans for the facial scrub instead of almonds?

  6. Candice Sirju
    Feb 15 - 10:09

    the basil toner …. they said BEFORE cleansing…. is that an error?? shouldn’t a toner be used AFTER cleansing? i am new to the skin care regimen so… i jus want to make sure

  7. Mia Gordon
    Dec 05 - 9:27

    For anyone who’s interested in making their own recipes or need a reliable oil that’s not thick/clogs pores, try using almond oil. Almond oil is a non-clogging, light oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin. Since it’s so light, it penetrates deep into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy or oily feeling. As the author of many DIY natural skin care books, I use it a lot in my own recipes.

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