8 Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Lunchtime will never be boring again thanks to these healthy and delicious sandwiches.

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Salmon Sandwiches With Wasabi Mayonnaise
When you get tired of tuna sandwiches, try this recipe, which takes its inspiration from the sushi bar.
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Thai Style Beef Sandwich
Vitamin-packed coleslaw enriches this beef sandwich.
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Hot and Spicy Tuna Rolls
Here the soft interiors of crusty bread rolls are hollowed out to provide a crisp casing for a gently spiced mix of tuna, corn, and kidney beans, and then warmed in the oven.
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Open-Faced Sardine, Watercress and Carrot Sandwiches
A quick and easy way to get one of your three weekly servings of fish.
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Turkey Cobb Salad Sandwiches
Layered with all the traditional ingredients, they’re hearty enough to please the hungriest and healthful enough to suit sensible diets.
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Open-Faced Grilled Vegetable Sandwich
Asparagus and mushrooms provide a wide range of B vitamins your body needs for maximum energy production. Creamy goat cheese adds the perfect tang for your tongue.
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Avocado Turkey Wraps
Here's a healthy twist on the turkey sandwich with more vitamins and heart healthy fats.
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Sausage Grilled Pepper and Tomato Bruschetta
This open sandwich of toasted ciabatta bread with a mixed bell-pepper topping is typical of the style of food enjoyed in Mediterranean countries, where bread, along with plenty of fruit and vegetables, is a mainstay of the diet. A little chorizo sausage adds a spicy note to the mix of bell peppers.
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