9 Products Still Proudly Made in America

See great products that are still made in the U.S.A. Plus, what you can do to help American products remain strong.

By Tara Conry from Reader's Digest
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    Location: Jackson Center, Ohio
    Employees: 280
    Background info: Passionate owners include Johnny Depp and Steve Carell.

    Visit the official website: airstream.com

    Plus: How you can support American products

    Louisville Slugger

    Location: Louisville, Kentucky
    Employees: 250
    Background info: Takes 40,000 trees to make enough bats for one baseball season.

    Visit the official website: slugger.com

    Plus: How you can support American products

    Poof-Slinky, Inc.

    Location: Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
    Employees: 115
    Background info: Popular toy made of American steel since 1945.

    Visit the official website: poof-slinky.com

    Plus: How you can support American products


    Location: Kohler, Wisconsin
    Employees: 6,500
    Background info: Nearly all of its fixtures made from recycled and reclaimed iron.

    Visit the official website: kohler.com

    Plus: How you can support American products

    Merle Norman

    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Employees: 500
    Background info: Makeup company launched in the 1920s by Merle Nethercutt Norman, inventor of the before-and-after makeover

    Visit the official website: merlenorman.com

    Plus: How you can support American products

    Anchor Hocking

    Locations: Lancaster, Ohio, and Monaca, Pennsylvania
    Employees: 1,550
    Background info: This glassware company sold tumblers “two for a nickel” during the Great Depression.

    Visit the official website: anchorhocking.com

    Plus: How you can support American products

    Steinway & Sons

    Location: New York, New York
    Employees: 400
    Background info: The last major piano maker still making music here.

    Visit the official website: steinway.com

    Plus: How you can support American products

    Regal Ware

    Locations: Kewaskum and West Bend, Wisconsin
    Employees: 400
    Background info: Cookware company has made more than five million canteens for the Boy Scout.

    Visit the official website: regalware.com

    Plus: How you can support American products

    Indian Motorcycles

    Location: Kings Mountain, North Carolina
    Employees: 45
    Background info: Each bike hand-assembled by a team of two craftsmen.

    Visit the official website: indianmotorcycle.com

    Plus: How you can support American products


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    • Brewloverxl

      Not all Kohler products are made in the U.S.A.  The company also has production facilities in China, some of which make their way here.

    • Frolickingfairy

      Indian will still be US made but was bought out by Polaris.  Production will be moving to Iowa.

    • Steve Skobrak

      What about Harley Davidson?

      • Mage

        What about H.D.?

        • hachi

          they are made in america….
          milwaukee/wisconsin based <3

          • Pete

            Not all HD parts are made in USA. I hear that more and more parts are being outsourced. I worked as a temp for a sheet metal fabrication company in Oregon, WI that made some parts for HD, along with parts for other companies.