A Valentine’s Day Dinner for Him

Skip the restaurant this Valentine's Day and cook up this feast that is relatively quick and secretly healthy.

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The Menu

Skip the restaurant this Valentine's Day. Instead, cook up this sweet and spicy feast that is easy to make and secretly healthy.

Appetizer: Mojito Grilled Scallops

Side: Lighter Creamed Spinach

Side: Sweet Potato Fries

Main: Strip Steaks With Smoky Spice Rub

Main: Ancho Rubbed Salmon Fillets With Lime

Dessert: Chocolate Banana Soufflés

Appetizer: Mojito Grilled Scallops

This tangy appetizer with the flavors of the popular minty drink will turn on his taste buds. Get the recipe.

Side: Lighter Creamed Spinach

This lighter version of the classic steakhouse offering will pair with steak or salmon. Get the recipe.

Side: Sweet Potato Fries

These healthier fries are baked but just as delicious. Get the recipe.

Main #1: Strip Steaks With Smoky Spice Rub

Juicy, spicy steaks are a perfect way to say 'I love you.' Get the recipe.

Main #2: Ancho Rubbed Salmon Fillets With Lime

This spicy salmon is perfect way to get seafood on the Valentine's Day menu. Get the recipe.

Dessert: Chocolate Banana Soufflés

Divide this recipe in half for a Valentine’s dinner. You will be glad you have leftovers to share later. Get the recipe.

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