Accessories for the Perfect Lunch

Handy items for storing, carrying, and prepping your homemade lunch.

from Reader's Digest, | September, 2011
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    Fresh Snack Pack

    These reusable plastic pouches are perfect for storing snackables like sliced melon, mixed berries, and cheese and crackers.
    $4.50 to $5.50,

    GladWare To Go Cups

    Salads stay crisp until you’re ready to dress them, using the detachable cup that snaps into the lid. $2.19 for a pack of four,

    LunchBots Pico

    Trade in your traditional Tupperware for these sleek stainless steel containers. $14.99,

    Dexas Flexi Rectangular Cutting Boards

    Keep this flexible board on hand for desk-side prep. $9.95 for a set of four,

    Steam & Dine Collapsible Steamer Set

    Steam fresh broccoli, green beans, or squash the right way with this collapsible container in your office’s microwave. $9.99,

    Paring Knife with Blade Cover

    Quarter an apple, section a grapefruit, or slice a peach with your own cutlery. $8.99,

    Square Melamine Dinner Plate

    Eating at work will seem more like eating at the café around the corner. $1.99, Target (in-store only)

    Perfect Sandwich Container

    Stamp out sogginess. Store bread in one compartment and the rest of your fixings in another for a freshly assembled sandwich. $19.99,


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