5 Adorable Homemade Christmas Gifts That Cost Almost Nothing to Make

These cheap, cute personalized present ideas for friends and family come from the DIY book, InstaCraft. (You probably don't even need to hit the craft store to get started.)

By Alison Caporimo from Instacraft
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    Bright Light Ornaments

    - Glitter
    - Lightbulbs
    - 24-gauge wire
    - Glue
    - Paintbrush

    Use paint brush to cover glass bulb with glue. Sprinkle glitter onto bulb. Wrap wire around neck of bulb 5 times and tie, leaving one inch of wire remaining. Knot end of the wires to create a loop. Hang.

    Cookie Cutter Frames

    - Scissors
    - Pencil
    - Cookie cutters
    - Photos

    Place cookie cutter on top of photo. Trace outer edge of cookie cutter. Cut photograph along traced edge. Pop into the back of cookie cutter.

    Message Stones

    - Stones
    - Fine-point paint pen

    Clean off stones with water and let dry. Write words or phrases on stones with paint pen.

    Trinket Tea Tags

    - Large safety pins
    - Bits of string, charms from old necklaces, beads, bows and just about anything else that tickles your fancy

    Tie string, slide beads, or hook an old charm onto safety pins to tell beverages apart.

    Tic Tac Spice Rack to Go

    - 6 boxes of Tic Tacs
    - Double-sided tape
    - Spices
    - Washi tape (for decoration)
    - Nail polish remover

    Peel off box labels, wiping away label glue with nail polish remover. Wash thoroughly and let dry. Cut double-sided tape into 1-inch strips and adhere to the sides of boxes. Push box sides against each other to make them stick together. Fill with spices—I used salt, powdered garlic, ground ginger, a salt and pepper mixture and pepper for an ombre effect. Line top and bottom with washi tape for added color.

    For more fun DIY ideas...

    Pick up a copy of InstaCraft here or wherever books are sold.


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    • ARShams_Reflection

      Gifts that come out of a lovely heart are adorable even if they are simply stones.
      – A.R.Shams’s Reflection

    • Edwin

      My loved ones will surely see through my love and care through these self-made gifts….. :-) :-)

    • Edwin

      Great idea mam….. Thank zzz zzz…… :-)…

    • Mh

      Worst gifts EVAH!!!!

    • wowwakeup

      Wow that’s ridiculous Christmas IS NOT about the presents u get its about the Brith of Christ. So you really need to take a step back and reevaluate your out look on life is u ask me no one should get anything it’s his birthday.. and we already got ouour gift he was born and died for our sins,smh but that just goes to show how truly selfish we as humans are always concerned about ourselves and what we want never happy with what we have. SMH how shallow.

      • wowwakeup

        This was for Hazel

      • Serai 1

        Oh, go throw your wet blanket somewhere else, killjoy.

    • alexa

      Too bad cause some people call me art teacher.

    • God

      Hazel you are a complete moron!!!!

    • Carolyn

      I think there are some cute ideas here. I love homemade gits!

      • lizann

        I agree Carolyn , we have a lot of beautiful Christmas ornaments to put out every year, and we also buy new every year too but that doesn’t mean that doing your own crafts cant be included also , if I can save on maybe three arangments that I dont have to buy and have fun doing them (w/kids too) then im happy. I think too many ppl have gone commercial with x-mas and have forgotton how to have fun-there r some cool crafts here

    • hazel occhipinti

      please do not give me these gifts because i will know you are cheap and thoughtless

      • Alex

        You apparently have no sense of etiquette.

        • Alvina

          LOL! My tips for an affordable Christmas -

          1) Shop online. Walmart, Amazon, etc. has everything you could possibly want with free shipping. Plus, you get to avoid holiday traffic.

          2) Use coupon sites like retail me not.

          3) Give gift cards or cash. Most physical gifts will go unused.

          4) Cut back spending in other parts of your life. Don’t limit it to just Christmas. Examples – $20/month cell phone from Tmobile, $24/month car insurance from Insurance Panda, $15/month gym from Planet Fitness.

          5) Re-Gift old presents that you never used. Don’t just throw them away!

      • lizann

        goes to show how Christmas has gone way too commercial

      • wowwakeup

        My post was for u

      • Kate Rohde

        I have to say that I am stunned by your response. Obviously, you must be an extremely materialistic person. So incredibly sad. My husband and I have had a very tough financial year, and it still continues, to the point whereby we can not afford presents, not only for each other, but not for our loved ones. Fortunately, our loved ones are the the type of people for whom Christmas is about family time, being together, and spending time with those who have no one else to share Christmas with. So, my family will be happy with homemade gifts because they will appreciate they were made with love, my families’ home will be opened up to people who have nowhere else to go at Christmas and guess what? We are going to have an amazing Christmas as a result, filled with love, laughter, fun, hugs, Christmas carols, and attending Mass.

        I pity you. One day you will realise that family, friends, and love, are far more important than receiving an expensive gift. Shame on you…..

        • Jill

          I agree!!!!!!! Well done Kate, I love your ideas and I will certainly use them. Merry Christmas!!! :)

          • Bella

            I agree Kate! u r awesome!

      • kell

        It takes a lot of thought to make someone something. You
        Are the reason why people have made Christmas into
        A choir rather than enjoying the true meaning. “Don’tgive me these gifts”
        Please wow