5 Adorable Homemade Christmas Gifts That Cost Almost Nothing to Make

These cheap, cute personalized present ideas for friends and family come from the DIY book, InstaCraft. (You probably don't even need to hit the craft store to get started.)

By Alison Caporimo from Instacraft

Bright Light Ornaments

- Glitter
- Lightbulbs
- 24-gauge wire
- Glue
- Paintbrush

Use paint brush to cover glass bulb with glue. Sprinkle glitter onto bulb. Wrap wire around neck of bulb 5 times and tie, leaving one inch of wire remaining. Knot end of the wires to create a loop. Hang.

Cookie Cutter Frames

- Scissors
- Pencil
- Cookie cutters
- Photos

Place cookie cutter on top of photo. Trace outer edge of cookie cutter. Cut photograph along traced edge. Pop into the back of cookie cutter.

Message Stones

- Stones
- Fine-point paint pen

Clean off stones with water and let dry. Write words or phrases on stones with paint pen.

Trinket Tea Tags

- Large safety pins
- Bits of string, charms from old necklaces, beads, bows and just about anything else that tickles your fancy

Tie string, slide beads, or hook an old charm onto safety pins to tell beverages apart.

Tic Tac Spice Rack to Go

- 6 boxes of Tic Tacs
- Double-sided tape
- Spices
- Washi tape (for decoration)
- Nail polish remover

Peel off box labels, wiping away label glue with nail polish remover. Wash thoroughly and let dry. Cut double-sided tape into 1-inch strips and adhere to the sides of boxes. Push box sides against each other to make them stick together. Fill with spices—I used salt, powdered garlic, ground ginger, a salt and pepper mixture and pepper for an ombre effect. Line top and bottom with washi tape for added color.

For more fun DIY ideas...

Pick up a copy of InstaCraft here or wherever books are sold.

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