6 Amazing Animal Videos That Prove Heroes Are Everywhere

A round of a-paws for these selfless beasts, please.

By Damon Beres
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    Brave chihuahua saves kittens

    This scrappy pooch takes on a much bigger bully to protect his favorite mewling fluffs.

    Leopard spares a baby monkey

    The baby could've been a snack: Instead, it's a new friend.

    Dolphin defends a diver

    An undersea tragedy in the making is foiled by a bottlenose hero.

    Turtle gives generous tip

    "I feel your pain, friend."

    Cat protects boys from gators

    We've seen a grandpa rescue his dog from an alligator, but who would've guessed a feline would step up to the plate for its favorite humans?

    Mom saves her pup

    Because sometimes the doggy paddle just doesn't do the trick.