12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Only the best on Valentine's Day, right? And if you need more options, try our cheap and cute Valentine's Day ideas and our fun homemade Valentine's Day cards.

By Adrienne Farr
Courtesy of bella j.

Best Valentine's Day gift with a surprise

Burn these candles and you'll discover a secret piece of collectible jewelry. While most of the baubles range from $10 to $450, a few select candles will contain an extraordinary $10,000 prize ($24.99, bellaj.com).


Best Valentine's Day gift for when love is no puzzle

Map out where you first met, where you live now, or another place of special significance, and you'll get a 400-piece personalized jigsaw that features a heart-shaped puzzle piece for your location ($39.95 Signals.com).


Best Valentine's Day gift for poets

Let Emily Dickinson, Jack London, Mark Twain, and D.H. Lawrence speak for you with these love letter napkins ($50, UncommonGoods.com).

Courtesy Purple Poem Craft

Best Valentine's Day gift for shine

Stick to the script! These earrings say it all ($15-$20 Etsy.com).

Courtesy of Babycakes

Best Valentine's Day gift for breakfast in bed

Always better with heart-shaped waffles ($29.99, TheBabycakesShop.com).

Couresy Chiffonart

Best Valentine's Day gift for smitten kittens

For ultra-cute couples only: Hold hands and share the warmth with Smitten Mittens ($58, Etsy.com).


Best Valentine's Day gift to double your love

If a dozen long-stems won't do, consider a lucky bamboo plant that's been trained to form two hearts ($39.99, ProFlowers.com).

courtesy Shari'sBerries.com

Best Valentine's Day gift with predictability

Break open these chocolate-covered treats for one of 12 romantic messages like, "Your love life is about to take a turn for the interesting" and "Today your kisses speak louder than words" ($29.99 SharisBerries.com).

courtesy PersonalCreations.com

Best Valentine's Day gift for sweet dreams

These "to have" and "to hold" pillowcases also come personalized with your names ($24.99 PersonalCreations.com).

Courtesy www.mujjo.com

Best Valentine's Day gift that's touching

It's easier to text love notes in the cold with a pair of cute Mujjo Touch Gloves (about $30, Mujjo.com).              


Best Valentine's Day gift for the big-hearted

If your honey has everything, spend your money on a worthy cause like the Save the Manatee Club, or hundreds of others that are meaningful to you two (SavetheManatee.org).


Best Valentine's Day gift for a delicious dessert

Feed your honey's sweet tooth with these tasty treats. Based in LA but ships all over ($55 and up, delusciouscookies.com).

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