Can You Guess What This Fireworks Display Is Called?

This mini-lesson will make you sound like a fireworks pro.

By Stacy Conradt from Mental Floss
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    Marc Volk/Corbis


    This "spherical break of colored stars" fireworks display is apparently the most common, so your chances of spotting it in the skies are pretty good.



    It's a lot like the Peony and its variations, but this fireworks display produces trails of silver or gold stars that leave a weeping willow-ish outline.



    When this fireworks display bursts, it looks like a palm tree (go figure). Some even have a thick tail that resembles a tree trunk.

    Pierre Roseberg/Corbis


    Fast-burning and powerful, this fireworks display shoots stars straight out such that they look like spider legs.


    This fireworks display is a variation of the Peony, but the difference is that the stars leave a trail of sparks. It looks like a fiber-optic ball, or one of those globes that you put your hand on to attract the current at science museums.


    Take a lot of tic-tac-toe boards and overlap them haphazardly. That’s kind of what the Crossette looks like, and this fireworks display is usually accompanied by a loud crackling noise.


    They can be arranged to look like atoms, but typically you see rings set within rings in this fireworks display.


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