Cheap Halloween Decorations: 12 Easy Homemade Ideas

Whether you caught the DIY bug from creating homemade Halloween costumes for your kids, putting together pretty decorated pumpkins, or you're getting crafty for the first time, these homemade Halloween decorations make it easy to trick out your house for the holiday inexpensively — but without looking cheap.

By Alison Caporimo
Also published in Reader's Digest Magazine October 2013
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    Lucas Zarebinski for Reader's Digest

    Boo Bottles

    Raid your recycling bin to make these glass ghosts in four easy steps: First, remove labels and caps from bottles (we used Perrier ones here). Spray-paint them white, then draw faces on with black marker. Finally, throw in colorful straws for cute centerpieces. See more in the video below, featuring InstaCraft:

    Lucas Zarebinski for Reader's Digest

    Cobweb Coasters

    Cups look creepy when sitting on these spindly saucers. Hook five bobby pins onto a 3/8-inch flat metal washer. Then, wrap twine around and thread through each bobby pin. Spray-paint everything white for that ghoulish look, and scatter small toy spiders around the table.

    Lucas Zarebinski for Reader's Digest

    Vampire Napkin Rings

    Serious chompers make your table settings look so cute it’s scary. Splash white cloth napkins with red Kool-Aid, thread a white twist tie through a set of plastic vampire teeth, and finally secure a twist tie around the center of your napkin.

    Ghostly Lanterns

    Cheap and cheerful: Draw spooky faces on empty, clean gallon milk jugs, then fill with white holiday lights to decorate your porch or walkway with a ghostly Halloween glow.

    Wicked Witch Candy Dish

    Turn a pair of old heels into a bewitching candy bowl. Wrap the heels in cheap sparkly paper, then decorate and fill with Halloween treats.

    Hanging Bats and Ghosts

    Kids can help turn egg cartons into bat decorations; just cut, paint, and add googly eyes. Make cute, cheap Halloween ghosts by painting leaves white, then drawing a spooky face with a marker.

    Forever Pumpkins

    For cheap jack-o-lantern decorations that will last past Halloween, cover clean, empty jars with orange construction paper or tissue paper. Add features with black construction paper, then pop in a tea candle—with flames, or battery-operated—and watch your "pumpkin" glow.

    Crafty Spider Sacks

    You won't want to dust away these Halloween cobwebs: Create chic, cheap yarn spider webs to decorate light fixtures, drape over curtains, or hang from a railing. Don't forget to attach a tiny plastic spider to each sack.

    Candy Corn Garland

    Using paint chips in shades of yellow and orange, you can knock out these cheap candy corn garland decorations—sweet! Another idea: turn the paint cards into mini jack-o-lantern shapes.

    Boo-tiful Wreath

    Make a ghostly wreath decoration with cheap white felt ghosts and a black bow. You can spray your wreath gray or black, or leave it natural. Even sweeter: Wrap lollipops in tissues to make ghostly Halloween treats, then cover a wreath by tucking under a ribbon or attaching with glue.

    Candy Corn Vases

    Set the scene with cheap candy corn vases by decorating a Halloween table, windowsill, or mantel. Simply spray clean, empty bottles with orange, yellow, and white paint.

    Halloween Ornaments

    Christmas ornaments make festive, cheap Halloween bulbs to decorate a house or yard. Cover ornaments in paper mache, then paint with Halloween designs like striped witch's stockings, pumpkins, or ghosts.


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        yeah mine too good point sister

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      i have a question i am having a vip party and my cousin wants to know if she can make one of these but i don’t know how to make her make one of these.

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        I think there really cute but i agree they need more scary stuff..