The Coolest Gifts $20 Can Buy: Clever Holiday Presents for Cheap Prices

13 really fun finds that each set you back no more than 20 bucks.

By Reader's Digest Editors
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    Spiderpodium Flexible Stand

    Hang you iPod from the dashboard, mount a camera anywhere, stand your cell phone at attention. ($19.99,

    SPI Belt

    An adjustable belt (SPI stands for “small personal item”) that can carry money, electronics, cards, and more. ($19.95 and up,

    Snore Stopper

    Deliver an effective blow to a loud sleeper. (You've got a meeting in the a.m.! ) ($19.95,

    Horrified B-Movie Victims

    Set of nine figures recoiling from something unspeakable. Or maybe they work where you do. ($14.49,

    The Original Christmas Classics

    Your four favorite holiday TV specials -- “Frosty the Snowman,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” and “Frosty Returns” – in one collection. (DVD, $19.99

    Simon Flash

    Train brains of any age with a variation of the classic Simon game, a sort of modern Concentration with battery-operated flashing lights and four varieties of challenges. ($19.84,

    Penfolds Red Koonunga Hill Shiraz/Cabernet

    A delicious red wine -- and 15 percent of the profits go to the Global Fund. ($14,

    Angry Birds Toys

    The addictive mobile-app stars: still angry yet ready to cuddle. ($12.99 and up,

    The 50 Funniest American Writers

    Andy Borowitz selects and samples his heroes of hilarity: Sedaris, Frazier, Sykes. ($15.19,

    Mixed Messages: Do-It-Yourself Ransom-Note Mug

    So they can tell it like it is in the a.m. ($14.99,

    Medieval Weapon Pushpins and Pinhead Pushpins

    Now they can post an important note with malicious flourish. ($9.99,; $6.95,

    Madécasse Chocolate

    Made in Madagascar by former Peace Corps volunteers, this chocolate comes in bars ($5.99), samplers, and larger sets, like the Chocolate Binge. (


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    • Overlysensored

      Where is Scoot Cagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pensacola FL

    • motorman

      All these high priced chocolates are just what they seem.HIGH PRICED. Test reports that the most favored chocolate is simply Hersheys…..At more than half the price!!!

      • Sarlnc2

        That’s because they haven’t tried Cadbury Dairy Milk – OMG, better than all the rest!!

    • Southerncat

      Who wants to snuggle an Angry Bird for $13 (and up)? Family, get that for me and I will be an ANGRY BIRD and the toy goes in the closet with all the other things that will be regifted to YOU. LOL Just get me chocolate, at any price! 

    • Charley77

      wow.  what do i choose first…..i choose nothing…. its all cheap,  useless, overpriced crap; not really worth buying.

    • Yayagal250

      “SPI Belt”?  Dude, that’s a fanny pack.  Changing the name doesn’t make it any cooler.

      • Cindy Xi

        LOL! Here are my tips to save money at Christmas -

        1) Shop online. Walmart, Amazon, etc. has everything you could possibly want with free shipping. Plus, you get to avoid holiday traffic.

        2) Use coupon sites like retail me not.

        3) Give gift cards or cash. Most physical gifts will go unused.

        4) Cut back spending in other parts of your life. Don’t limit it to just Christmas. Examples – $20/month cell phone from Tmobile, $24/month car insurance from 4AutoInsuranceQuote, $15/month gym from Planet Fitness.

        5) Re-Gift old presents that you never used. Don’t just throw them away!