16 Clever, Classic Cartoons About Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good laugh


Santa's Little Followers

"OK. You see me when I'm sleeping. You know when I'm awake ... but no way you follow me on Twitter, right?"

Too Funny For Santa

"Of course, when I first started here, the North Pole looked very different."

Christmas Stockings

Trimming the Tree

A Cat's Christmas

"So they bring a tree in the house and put all these shiny, dangly things on it, then freak out if I go near it ... This is why I drink."

Mom's Special Recipe

"Mom, how many cups of Xanax do you use in your Christmas cookies?"

It's the Thought That Counts

Santa Clause Complaint

"You ask an awful lot for a kid who leaves out day-old macaroons and 2 percent milk."

Sitting Santa

Christmas Cool

Christmas Tree

"No, it's really a cell tower."

Humor in Lights

An Elf's Life

"We do have good health care coverage, but then, we never get old and we never get sick."

Ralph Hagen

Christmas Morning

Built-in Sled

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