9 Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes

These delicious Christmas cookie recipes are perfect for entertaining, gifting, or enjoying with your family.

from Taste of Home
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    Stained Glass Ornament Cookies

    Jolly ranchers are the secret ingredient that make these stunning, delicate cookies translucent.

    Get the stained glass Christmas cookie recipe >>

    No-Bake Christmas Cookies

    Think of these cute cookies as rice krispy treats dressed up with seasonal flair—they're made with cornflakes, marshmallows, and butter, and decked out with Red Hots and Tootsie Rolls.

    Get the no-bake Christmas cookie recipe >>

    Christmas Tree Cookies

    Or create a 3-D Christmas tree with this simple recipe—all you need is one regular cookie cutter.

    Get the Christmas tree cookie recipe >>

    Mocha "Pretzels" Christmas Cookies

    These fun, pretzel shaped cookies are dipped in a decadent chocolate-coffee icing.

    Get the mocha "pretzels" Christmas cookie recipe >>

    Peppermint Twist Kisses Christmas Cookies

    Pretty peppermint kisses make quick work of this candy cane-inspired cookie.

    Get the peppermint twist kisses Christmas cookie recipe >>

    Chocolate-Maple Christmas Cookies

    Maple syrup adds a surprising richness to standard cookie dough—and makes these cookies just write for chilly winter days.

    Get the chocolate-maple Christmas cookie recipe >>

    Raspberry Surprise Christmas Cookies

    Fold a small spoonful of jam into each of these cookies for a burst of fruit and dash of color.

    Get the raspberry surprise Christmas cookie recipe >>

    Brown Sugar Cutouts Christmas Cookies

    You've made sugar cookies countless times, but these offer a subtle—and delicious—shift: brown sugar instead of white.

    Get the brown sugar cutouts Christmas cookie recipe >>

    Vanilla-Butter Christmas Cookies

    These pretty cookies have just enough vanilla to make everyone wonder what, exactly, makes them taste so delicious!

    Get the vanilla-butter Christmas cookie recipe >>


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