Cool Jell-o Recipes

Put a wiggle on the table with these showstopping Jell-o desserts.

By Kelsey Grad from Taste of Home
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    Patriotic Jell-o

    Serve this red, white, and blue finale at your Fourth of July celebration—it'll go down in history!

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Rainbow Cubes

    Alternate layers of gelatin and sweetened condensed milk for a creamier dessert.

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Dinosaur Eggs

    Use plastic Easter eggs to mold these super creative dinosaur eggs, made with a mixture of pudding and Jell-o. 

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    April Fools Berry Soda

    Serve this “drink” in tall glasses with straws for a big surprise—your guests will need spoons to truly enjoy.

    Tropical Rainbow Dessert

    Serve this brightly colored treat in champagne glasses for individually-sized portions, perfect for eating while mingling.

    Jell-o Christmas Ornaments

    Mold these "ornaments" in muffin tins, then decorate with maraschino cherries and whipped cream.

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Marvelous Melon

    This easy, healthy snack is also great for weekend brunch. Fill melon halves with gelatin, then slice into wedges once chilled.

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Beach Art Jell-o

    A blue "ocean" goes with graham cracker "sand" and gummy "fish."

    Jeweled Torte

    Cut a slice to see the crazy surprise inside—a kaleidoscope of colored gelatin that looks like stained-glass.

    Red, White 'n' Blue Salad

    Celebrate America’s independence with this flag-inspired dessert.

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Six-Layer Gelatin Salad

    What's more fun than Jell-o salad? Six different layers of Jell-o salad, each with a different type of fruit!

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Pastel Jell-o Salad

    This creamy gelatin salad is topped with miniature pastel marshmallows, for a sweetly pretty dessert.

    Eggnog Jell-o Mold

    This creamy eggnog-flavored gelatin is paired with a tart cranberry-apple compote—a unique flavor combination that combines the best of holiday desserts. 

    Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Swedish Rice Ring

    This authentic Swedish treat is made with a mixture of cooked rice, gelatin, and strawberries. Tastes delicious!

     Get the recipe at Taste of Home >>

    Red Raspberry Mousse Dessert

    This light and fluffy mousse is packed with fresh raspberries and whipped cream.


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