Crafty: Christmas Tree Out of Reader’s Digest Magazines (PHOTOS)

Reader's Digest is the perfect size to make this simple, fun, magazine Christmas craft. Fold away!

By Damon Beres and Alison Caporimo
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    Step 1: Get Your Magazine

    The December 2012 issue, seen here with associate editor Alison Caporimo, is the perfect pick for this Christmas tree craft.

    Step 2: Remove the Cover

    Start off by removing the cover. We suggest framing it afterwards, or putting it on your fridge. (You'll also want to tear off the back cover.)

    Step 3: Fold the Upper-Right Corner of the First Page

    Just align it with the magazine's binding—simple enough!

    Step 4: Crease the First Fold

    Fold the page along the magazine's binding yet again, creating the shape you see here.

    Step 5: Turn the Page and Fix the Flap

    After step 4, you'll notice that there's a bit of the folded page hanging below the magazine. Turn the page and fold that part up so it's aligned with the rest of the pages.

    Pay close attention to this animation for a clearer idea:

    Step 6: Keep Going!

    Repeat all of the folding steps page-by-page until you're through with the entire magazine. To speed things up (and create a plumper tree), you can fold a few pages together.

    Eventually, your magazine should look something like the animation below.

    Step 7: Customize

    Add tinsel, ornaments, the works! Make some for your friends! And have a happy holiday. (Glitter confetti optional.)


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    • kotoc

      My mom did this idea with a regular hard-bound book awhile back, but instead of taking the “cover” off, she left it on as a backdrop, and instead of turning the book into a tree, she put a white foam ball on top and turned it into an Angel. A little bit of altering the plans and folding the first two or three pages gave the Angel some wings, and she added the halo, etc. with other household items. We have it on display ALL the time, not just for Christmas. That’s how nice it looks! (I wish I could show a photo of it here… it was very nicely done!)