Attention, Cat Lovers: You’ll Love These 10 Cute Cartoons About Cats

Get ready for some funny felines

Leo Ouellette for Reader's DIgest


Jim Benton for Reader’s Digest

The Collector

"This has been killing me for years. What do you want those for?"

John Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Littered With Genius


"The employees find you aloof and distant."


"I'm not bald. I'm hairless. There's a difference."

Kitty Christmas

"So they bring a tree in the house and put all these shiny, dangly things on it, then freak out if I go near it. That's why I drink."

Love Was in the Air

Cat In Command

"Look, I've got nine lives and I can sneak up on the best of 'em. It's following orders that I have a problem with."

Bad Company

"Not to point fingers, Samson. But profits are down, and we smell a rat."

Coffee Talk with Dr. Seuss

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