Cute Kids’ Halloween Costumes to Make Yourself

You don't have to fork over big bucks for that Halloween costume your child loves. Here's how to turn everyday household items into magical costumes that are easy—and inexpensive.

By Amy Ahlberg
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    If your child wants to be a: Knight

    Make it!  Use silver and purple paint to turn a grocery bag into a suit of armor. Make a sword out of a wrapping paper tube and turn a plastic milk jug into a helmet, according to Parents

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    If your child wants to be a: Judge

    Make it!  Bring the court to order with this clever costume from Parents: Turn toilet paper rolls into an old-fashioned wig with a little white paint. Use a chopstick and another toilet paper roll, both painted brown, to make a gavel.

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    If your child wants to be a: Rocket man

    Make it!  A rocket man’s power pack comes together with Pringles containers and party hats that are spray-painted silver. Streamers simulate fire. Pair with white pants and a white shirt and your little one will be a space age sensation in this Real Simple costume.

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    If your child wants to be a: Chef

    Make it!  A chef’s toque is a cinch to recreate using a paper-wrapped oatmeal container and a white shower cap. Add a large white button-down shirt, a chef’s towel, and a few kitchen accessories, and your little cook is ready for business in this costume from Parents.

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    If your child wants to be a: Safari guide

    Make it!  This idea from Real Simple features a safari vest made from a brown paper grocery bag. Kraft paper envelopes serve as pockets for all of an explorer's gear; make binoculars with a pair of toilet paper rolls, felt floor protector pads, and some string.

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    If your child wants to be a: Turtle

    Make it!  For this Reader’s Digest costume, disposable aluminum turkey roasting pans are transformed into a turtle’s shell with yellow, orange, and green spray paint. Use a shoelace to create a strap, and dress your youngster in green to create a base for the look.

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    If your child wants to be: Macaroni and cheese

    Make it!  Yellow-orange paint can turn toilet paper and paper towel tubes into cheesy macaroni, just like this fun get-up from Coolest Homemade Costumes. Create a bowl by cutting a hole in the bottom of a round laundry basket, wrapping it in cardboard, and painting it white (or if you’re artistically inclined, painting it to look like a microwaveable Easy Mac container).
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    If your child wants to be: Corn on the cob

    Make it!  A no-sew corn on the cob costume is easy, thanks to this how-to from Parenting: paint paper egg cartons yellow to make the kernels, then pair with a green sweatshirt and corn husks fashioned from green felt.

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    If your child wants to be a: Scuba diver

    Make it!  A deep-sea diving costume is a walk on the beach with these tips from Parenting and Real Simple —silver or black spray paint turns a 2-liter plastic bottle (or two) into an oxygen tank; plastic safety goggles serve as a scuba mask, and cord organizers stand in for tubing.

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    • Emi

      Here’s some more ideas- Jellyfish (put a pillow on a hat w/ same color dress or shirt) Hobo (torn clothes, “will work for candy” sign and brown makeup) Washing machine (cardboard box w/ sox, head and arms cut out) Hippie (long shirts w/ 80′s makeup and leggings) That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I’m 14, I’m making a grim reaper costume out of a sheet this year so I’m not sure how that will work out. I was a jellyfish last year and it took awhile to make but I had 3 people want to take their picture with me. I was a hobo 2 years ago and it was fun. I made my friend a hippie costume and my brother the washing machine one and they were cute and got a lot of complements. Anyways, I hope this helped.