Surprise! 11 Crazy Stuffed Cupcake Fillings

Bake an imaginative, special treat straight into your cupcake with these fun ideas from Bake it in a Cake.

By Rachel Hofstetter from
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    Birthday Cupcake

    Can't decide between chocolate or vanilla cupcakes? Bake one flavor inside of the other.

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    Double Rainbow Cupcake

    These cupcakes are colorful on the outside—and in—with marzipan rainbows.

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    Rainy Day Cupcake

    The "raindrops" are easy to create with sprinkles.

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    Candy Bar Cupcake

    Here's a classic stuffed cupcake, with hidden candy inside.

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    Oreo Cupcake

    For this stuffed cupcake, you'll add the cookie to half the batter, then top with the rest.

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    Vanilla Pudding Cupcake

    For those who love the frosting most, this creamy vanilla pudding stuffed cupcake has an extra dollop inside.

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    Pumpkin Pie Cupcake

    The gingersnap base, caramel Rolo stuffing and apple cider buttercream mimic the flavors of pumpkin pies.

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    Toblerone Cupcake

    Stuffed with the crunchy, sophisticated candy, this cupcake is a luxury dessert.

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    Peach Cobbler Cupcake

    Simply toss fresh, ripe, uncooked fruit into the batter to come up with these sweet treats.

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    Kiss Cupcake

    Bake any flavor of chocolate Kiss straight into a cupcake—a swirled kiss makes an even prettier design.

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    Confetti Cupcake

    Big, vibrant flecks of "cake confetti" (see recipe for details) make this one festive cupcake.

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